This is an email from Tim Bazzett of about a novel set around Cooke Barracks:


Just wondered if your Cooke Barracks alumni and friends knew of a great Cold War novel that was set partially in and around Cooke Barracks and the Goeppingen area. Edward Hannibal's A TRACE OF RED fictionalized it as "Baker Barracks," but Hannibal was an MI officer there in the early 60s and includes much about the going up to Grafenwoehr TA too. The book was first published in 1982, but has just been reissued and can be found on Amazon at

Ed Hannibal's first novel, "Chocolate Days, Popsicle Weeks," was an award-winning bestseller back in 1970 and he wrote several other books too while working in the advertising business for over thirty years. Maybe you know all this, but thought I'd pass it along anyway. Great website, by the way. As for myself, I was in the old Army Security Agency which became INSCOM in the seventies. My own Cold War book is a memoir called SOLDIER BOY: AT PLAY IN THE ASA.

Once again, congrats on your site. Be well.  - Tim Bazzett, -