Maggie's Schnitzel Recipe

Preparation is very easy and a matter of about 20 minutes only.
Maggie offered at her canteen a regular Schnitzel (brad crumb coated) on a Broetchen (bun), she called schnitzel sandwich and a Jaegerschnitzel dinner (not coated in bread crumbs – natural/naked) which she served with frennch fries or spaetzle (south german home made noodles or rice and Jaeger sauce. The regular schnitzel was coated with a crisp coat of bread crumbs and served with a slice of lemon and the Jaegerschitzel was served „naked or naturall“ with Jaeger sauce.

Jaegerschnitzel a la Maggie (for two):

You need for the Jaegerschnitzel (natural or naked schnitzel without crumbs):
2 pork cutlets/steaks (large in size but thinly cut)
salt, pepper
oil for frying at high temperature

Preparation of Jaegerschnitzel:fry schnitzel about 2-3 minutes each side in oil or fat
add salt and pepper to the schnitzel
take them out of the pan and put them to the side
after preparing the sauce you put schnitzel into the Jägersauce and simmer all together for about 10 more minutes

You need for the Jaegersauce:
- salt, pepper, red pepper powder sweet
- 2 red peppers (Paprika/bell pepper) (plus some red pickled pepper slices (cold) she added just before serving)
- 100 g onions
- 250 g mushrooms (can or glass)
- 3 tbsp oil or frying fat
- 150 ml instant broth
- 1 tbsp dark sauces binder or flour (needs to be diluted in cold water before added to sauce or it goes lumpy)

Preparation Jaegersauce:
  • Cut the red bell peppers (1 or 2) and the onions into slices. Cut the mushrooms in halves.
  • Sear the mushrooms in hot frying fat or oil strongly. Add the peppers and onions for a short time. Add salt, pepper and red sweet pepper powder.

  • - Now add some instant broth and/or some white wine to get some liquid sauce.
    - Turn down the heat a bit and cook for about 5 minutes.
    - Add some dark sauce binder or some flour to thicken the sauce

    - Now add the fried schnitzel to the sauce and let simmer everything together for about 10 minutes

    - serve with french fries, potatoes, rice or plain bread
    You need for the regular schnitzel (coated with crumbs):
    2 pork cutlets/steaks (large in size but thinly cut)
    1 or 2 eggs
    some flour
    fine bread crumbs for coating (in Germany it is made especially for coating schnitzel and fish filets)
    salt, pepper
    2 large slices lemon for squeezing over the schnitzel
    oil for frying at high temperature

    Preparation of Maggies's bread crumb coated schnitzel
    To make the breadcrumbs stick and not fall off you must follow the right order!

    • Remember the sound of „hammering“ when Germans make schnitzel? The schnitzels get beaten flat and large with a special tool like a large hammer. You can take anything to do this. Even the round bottom of a heavy cup. This you would not smash too hard or you get a china coating on the meat.
    • Sprinkle or coat the (dried with paper towel) pieces of meat in flour.
    • Mix the egg or eggs (one is usually enough) with a fork and put the flour coated schnitzel into the egg – turn it over until it is soaked thickly with egg. This will „glue“œ the bread crumbs to the meat.
    • Then roll schnitzel in bread crumbs and coat them thickly. Use your hands to pat down and press the crumbs onto the schnitzel.Coat them completely and heavily.
    • Heat up a good amount of frying fat or oil to high temperature in a frying pan (but not extremely hot or bread crumbs may burn and get too dark before the meat gets fried)
    • Put the schnitzel into the hot fat. Fry each side for about 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Add salt and pepper while frying (white pepper powder). Watch closely that schnitzels do not get burned!

    Served mainly with french fries or any form of potatoe products like croquettes etc.
    Don't forget to squeeze the juice of a slice of lemon over the schnitzel!

    Schnitzel are eaten cold as well as hot - on a piece of bread. So if you prepare some, make a few more for the next day!

    Enjoy your Schnitzel!
    Horst W. Mueller