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Welcome to the Guestbook! Here, you're invited to post and share your favorite Cooke Barracks memory. Who knows - a long lost friend may read it and another reunion will be made. It actually happens here a lot! It's amazing how many "thanks" I get for uniting lost friends.

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Tom Roberts Email
12/31/11 at 11:34 PM

What city are you located? Galveston Island

What state are you located? Texas

On this last day of 2011 I thank Dave for his stewardship of the Cooke Barracks web sites. 

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012,  Happy New Years to my fellow members of the 504th Admin and stay in good health.

Tom Roberts
PSD 504th Admin
Oct 66-May 68

Daniel Barton  Email
12/31/11 at 05:08 PM

What city are you located? Fayetteville

What state are you located? North Carolina


Hello everyone,  I was at Cooke Barracks from March 1973 thru mid-Aug 1976, first duty station after AIT.   I first worked at G3 of HQs, Ist Inf Div (Fwd), and remember well all the alerts and trips to Hohenfels and Reforgers.  After about a year and a half, I obtained a job transfer to USMCA Goeppingen, with a 7th Corps patch.  Then after a year, I moved to some Supply Company back under 1st ID, in a vain attempt to get slotted wherein I would not have to PCS back to the States. 
 I did a lot of growing up there, mentally and emotionally, and began learning about the world-at-large.  I remember fondly the movie theatre, the chapel, the main mess hall, the crafts shop/recreation center,and the gym.   I dated a German gal named Ute Scheer (or Scherr) for a while back then, but have long lost contact with her.  I had a 1966 red Mustang for awhile, with oversize rear tires, and chrome wheels all around, a four-speed manual.   Just recently, in Oct 2011, I went back to Germany and visited there.  Cooke Barracks is all private owned now, and all the barracks are gone, save one.  The buildings are all gone with the exception of the old HQs 1st ID building (contains multiple offices for businesses), and the old chapel is still there and what used to be the PX and what used to be the gym.   The buildings that were the married family quarters are all apartments now.  The higher ranked officer homes are all privately owned now, with new ones having been added in there.  Back then, some of us used to go up to the old plane field, and sit on a blanket and drink Stuttgarter HofBrau Bier, but the huge field has trees growing on it today.  There is a new golf course and center up there also..  I loved the German-American Fests with the beer tent and the side tents selling food - I was a member of the Latinos Unidos Club one year, and we sold tacos and burritos to the Germans. Ha!   I can't speak for later years after 1976, but how many of you know that there were no female soldiers there until around mid-1975. 


From 7 Oct to 24 Oct 2011, I was over in Germany, and stayed mostly with friends. I have to give credit to my friends Jonathan Schrader (American Active-Duty Soldier, Heidelberg Germany) and Gerhard Ringler (German civilian, near Goppingen Germany) for being so hospitable to me on my trip there. On the flight over, on Lufthansa Airlines, we were served dinner with those wonderful German brotchens, which is a type of round hard roll. Try as they might, German restaurants and bakeries in the USA just cannot make them taste the same as the authentic German ones.

Upon arrival to Heidelberg, Jon and I took the ICE (InterCity Express) train to Fulda Germany. This town is significant due to Holy Savior Catholic Cathedral there, built AD 1712, replacing an earlier abbey chapel, with tomb of St. Bonifatius (Boniface) in the crypt. He was evangelizer to the pagan Germans. Upon arrival, we walked to the Tourist Information office, got rooms at a nearby hotel, then went for beers and food. Amazingly, we found a gasthaus (restaurant) which had been celebrating October Fest, and still had some quantities of schweinshaxe (ham-hock / pigs knuckles), and weisswurst (white pork sausages with parsley, minced lemon & onion inside it). It was unusual to have this in Fulda, as these are usually only obtained in Austria and Bavaria. And we had tall glasses of German Lowenbrau pilsner beer, from Munich. Pilsner (Americans spell it pilsener) beer is the most common beer in Germany, and is a bottom-fermented pale lager. We also had kolsch beer, a top-fermented yellow specialty beer from the city of Koln (Cologne). Attending Holy Mass at the cathedral was one of my "must-do" items, since my mother's ancestry is German. The cathedral is beautiful, with a glorious altar area. St. Boniface lived AD 680-754, and was a priest of the Benedictine Religious Order. He was a Catholic Englishman sent by Rome to this area, after promoted to be bishop. He was martyred in Frisia. He evangelized primarily in Hesse, Thuringia, and Bavaria.

Also in short walking distance is another very beautiful church, the StadtphfarrKirche, (City Priest’s Church) named after St. Blaisius (Blaise). It is absolutely beautiful inside, built from 1771 to 1780. There is a large statue of a bishop holding long candle tapers to the side of the altar...I did not immediately recognize him as St. Blaise, but as you know, he used long candle tapers to bless persons' throats. He did this annually at the beginning of cold seasons... And there’s a beautiful City Hall (Rathaus), timber & plaster combination (called fachwerk) which dates back to very early 1600’s!

Coming back to Heidelberg, we had to transfer trains at huge Frankfurt train station. I had been there often during the 1970's and 1980's while stationed in Germany with the US Army. But this station has changed considerably. Back then there was a fancy sit-down restaurant with waiters in tuxes, along with a stand-up Imbiss (fast food, with tall tables to stand at, but no chairs). Now there is a large "food court" area with multiple kiosks selling food, drinks, etc. Even a Burger King and a McDonald's are there! I wanted to have a Henninger pilsner beer (made in Frankfurt), but it's not an international brand, and the kiosk for beer-on-tap only had Beck's beer. I did get to enjoy some later, however. It was the brand that I mostly drank while stationed in Hanau (30 miles east of Frankfurt, with 3rd Armored Division) from June 1978 to Dec 1983. In Frankfurt, by the way, is the Henninger Bier Turm (Beer Tower), a tall tower with restaurant on top...I don't remember if it revolves or not...well worth a visit if ever in Frankfurt!

A few days later we drove to Koblenz to see the Deutsches Eck (German Corner), a beautiful monument dedicated to King Wilhelm I, and the unification of the German States. It is on a spit of land sticking out between the junction of the Moselle and the Rhine Rivers, and all the flags of the German states are there flapping in the wind. Right nearby is St. Kastor Catholic Basilica, named after a 4th century saint who evangelized along the Moselle River. The basilica dates to 817 AD. It is very impressive, and has a mosaic of Christ and disciples on the upper level of the apse, behind the altar.

I searched some nearby pubs for some alt-bier (translated “Old Beer,” meaning the old style of fermentation), a special top-fermented amber beer common to Dusseldorf Germany, but could not find any. Dusseldorf is not too far from Koblenz. . So we had some kolsch beer instead, from Cologne.

Back in Heidelberg, Jon showed me around the military posts there, and it was great to go to a movie at the AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) movie theater, and having food at a Popeye's Chicken place, as well as Burger King, on post. And one of my goals was to have a Schwaben Brau pilsner beer, and obtain a souvenir glass with said beer logo... Jon made sure that happened. This beer is only in the Baden-Wurtemburg area of Germany, which is where Heidelberg sits. Sadly, in some six months or so, all military bases in Heidelberg will be vacated and turned back over to the Germans...and the US military HQs will move to Wiesbaden, west of Frankfurt. While there, he also showed me the lovely old medieval little towns nearby of Dilsburg and Ladenburg, both worth visits if in the Heidelberg area.

Soon it was time for me to take the train to Goppingen (southeast of Stuttgart some 45 miles) to visit my old friend Gerhard. I had met him way back in 1974 while being stationed there with the US Army, and the last time I had seen him was in 1986, after a NATO exercise in Germany with my unit from USA. He drove me around the town, and we walked alot. It is much bigger today than I remember. We even visited the old Cooke Barracks area, where I was stationed (with 1st Infantry Division), but now it is all privately owned. One thing that was really ironic for me was that when I was stationed there, some of us soldiers would take a Saturday day trip by train down to Munich just to eat at the McDonald's there...Big Macs were that good back then! In the 3 and 1/2 years I was there (Mar 1973 through Aug 1976), I went at least six times on this journey. Well, now at Goppingen, there is a McD's right there in the train station! Gerhard and I went there for breakfast often, and to read the Bild Zeitung, an easy-to-read, somewhat sensationalist newspaper with lots of pictures. Goppingen is right there at the foot of the Schwabian Alps and one can drive up to a mountaintop little town called Hohenstaufen (yep, named after the famous family) where centuries ago there was a castle owned by the family. Up there is a great little restaurant with a magnificent view called the "Honey-Do." Worth a visit if ever in the area!

Gerhard and I took the ICE train to Munich, and stayed at an inexpensive hotel across the street from the HauptBahnhof (Main train station), called the Europaisher Hof. It was only 45 Euro for room with TV and sink, and a community restroom & shower in the hall. Fortunately, this community restroom/shower had a door that could be locked from the inside! Included in the price was a great breakfast, including weisswurst! I particularly enjoyed the music shows on German TV on friday evening. They have groups that play German folk and pop music, often called Schlager Music. One of the programs was titled "Das Super Talent" and is like our American Idol show. Great entertainment!

In Munich, we also visited Marienplatz (Mary's Square or Place) which has the Catholic cathedral there. Called "FrauenKirche (which is often mistranslated as "Woman's Church"), the official title is St. Mary, Our Lady of Munich Cathedral, and was built AD 1468, replacing older church built 1100’s. We attended Sunday Holy Mass. This cathedral should not be missed if in the Munich area! It is beautiful. I asked Gerhard if he ever sees any Russian Orthodox or Ukrainian Eastern Catholic churches. He said they are around, since so many Russians/Ukrainians came after the fall of communism.. But we did not see any the whole time I was there in Germany. Probably out in the suburbs...(Sadly, I had seen a large Muslim mosque in Frankfurt as we were pulling into the city by train…Germany has too many Muslim Turks)

At Marienplatz, in Munich, just a couple of subway stops from the Hauptbahnhof, is the RatHaus (city government building) with historic clock tower & coo-coo clock with moving figurines. And also the famous HofBrauHaus, the city beer hall for Munich's Hofbrau beer with those big one-liter glass steins and “oompah” music. However, I only wanted to go to Donisl, there on Marienplatz, which is a smaller beer house, to eat dinner - I had been to all the other things before. We had schweinshaxe and those big half-fist-sized Munich dumplings along with a mixed salad, and a tall glass of Alt Munchener (translated “Old Munich”) weiss bier. This type beer, sometimes called weissen, literally means “wheat” and is another top-fermented specialty beer, with low alcohol content. We also visited the nearby SiegesTor (Victory Arch) commemor-ating the Bavarian Army, built in 1852. It is similar to the Arch de Triumph in Paris. These structures were so popular back then that there is even one in Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY!

Later, going by train to Stuttgart, I enjoyed a few Stuttgarter Hofbrau pilsner beers, the beer that us soldiers often drank when I was stationed nearby in Goppingen. And Gerhard helped me obtain a souvenir glass with this beer’s logo on it. From the Hauptbahnhof, we walked down Konigs Strasse (King's Street) in the fussganger zone (foot traffic only, no cars) to the Schloss Platz (Palace Place). This is a beautiful park, with statue to King Wilhelm I, and two large water fountains, with the palace in the backgrounds. Worth a walk to! The palace today is the government buildings of the German State of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Catholic cathedral is on this street also, but it is somewhat modern, having been built in 1950 after the city was destroyed in bombings during WWII. If looking for it, ask for the "Dom." Not very big.

While in the area, I was able to imbibe in many glasses of spezi, a distinctive only-in-Germany drink composed of cola and orange soda-pop. The only place I have ever seen it in USA was at the Atlanta Coca-Cola Museum tour, wherein they have differing types of cola drinks on tap from around the world for sampling, and it is listed as “Germany.” Gerhard says it is mostly everywhere in Germany today, but in the 1970’s, I could only find it in Stuttgart/Goppingen/

Augsburg area. It is sold in stores under differing names: Cola-Mix, Mezzo Mix, Schwip Schwap, etc. In Goppingen, one evening Gerhard and I went looking for a German restaurant (a Tuesday evening) and all were closed (Ruhetag - Quiet Day). We found one in the little town of Bartenbach, and I kept wondering why that name sounds familiar. Then it came to me: I rented a room from a family there in that township for about six months, before renting one in downtown Goppingen. This little township has the smell of farms, "fertilizers," and animals. We found a little farm restaurant and had great sauerkraut and leberwurst sausages. I had never had these type sausages. They were off-white in color, with heavy skins, and little metal clips on the ends holding the skins closed. Gerhard said these type sausages are only made when a pig is slaughtered, and the ground-up meat with spices gets put into the sausage skins. Then when it is on the plate, one holds it down by one end with a fork, cuts the other end of the skin with a knife, and then use a butter-knife to squeeze out the ground-up meat. It was VERY TASTEFUL! This meal, with some Stuttgarter HofBrau beers, really made my last night there memorable.

After returning to Heidelberg, my friend Jon joined me for a Saturday French TGV train ride to Reims France. This train travels at speeds about 200 Miles per Hour. Unbelievably fast, much faster than the German ICE (InterCity Express)! Overall, the trains in both France and Germany are much nicer, more modern and cleaner, than I remember them. And there is NO SMOKING on these today. And wherein one used to have to reach up, and yank the door handle down, then swing the door open, now one only needs to push the button at the door, on the outside of the train, and the doors slide open automatically. Anyhow, we got to Reims, found a Tourist Information booth outside the train station, and got a city map and directions. Took city bus (#6) to St. Remi Catholic Basilica, named after the saint who baptized Clovis, on 24 Dec 496. He was King of the Germanic Franks which he had unified, and was father to Charles the Great (Charlemagne). The basilica is very old (built AD 500’s) and beautiful...and I understand that in the crypt, St. Remi is buried. However, the lady there said the crypt is closed. Using the same bus ticket, we rode/backtracked to the Notre Dame of Reims Catholic Cathedral. It is very impressive, and it rivals the Catholic cathedrals in Paris and in Chartres, France. There is a plaque in the center aisle identifying that “upon this spot, Clovis was baptized.” The cathedral was there in the fourth century, but in AD 1200 or so, it burned, and was rebuilt to even grander and larger dimensions. My goal was to attend worship there at the cathedral, but there was no Saturday Vigil Holy Mass. (And the Sunday worship started at 9:30am, but our train was to pull out of Reims at 10am…so I did not get to do this....)

Then a short walk of a few blocks to the center of old city, wherein the streets are closed to traffic, we stayed in two rooms at the Quality Inn hotel. We walked down the street a couple of blocks, and marveled at the number of shops, restaurants, and pubs. We found Le Grand Cafe (I had found it on the internet earlier, searching for steak tartare in Reims) and had dinner there....he had a plate of mussels, and for me a plate of steak tartare. This is very lean & raw ground-beef-steak, with minced onions, ground black pepper, seasonings and a bit of Worchestershire sauce blended in. Very delicious, and a Parisian delicacy. A shared plate of escargots (farm-raised snails), and a basket of French baquette breads (similar texture to German brotchens, but a bit longer)and a shared bottle of dry red French Rhone wine really made the meal memorable. Great breakfast at the hotel next morn (not included in room price of 56 EUR), including French cheeses (especially my beloved Camembert), meats and eggs, and French baquette breads. Then we walked the couple of blocks down to the train station to catch our train back to Germany.

WARNING: NEVER DRINK TAP WATER IN EUROPE IF YOU ARE JUST VISITING AS AN AMERICAN! I do know better, but that night in that French hotel, I drank a couple of cupfuls of the sink tap water, and the next day had the "runs" for 24 hours. When living over there, you do get used to it, but as a tourist, you will get the "runs." And, I remind everyone that hotels over there do not stock wash-cloths, only towels. You are advised to bring your own. Also, bring a rolled-up rubber mat for the tub, since they don't have them. The tubs can get very slick with water... Easy to fall down.

At the Frankfurt airport, I was able to purchase a bottle of Frankfurter apfelwein (apple wine) which is popular around Frankfurt in the late fall (Oct-Nov) in the pubs, made from fermented apple juice. It sometimes has the slang names apfelwoi, or apfelmus.

All in all, it was a great trip, and I got to eat plenty of bratwursts (pork sausages), rindswurst (beef sausages), schnitzils, and spaetzle (short egg noodles, a Schwabian treat). And plenty of German beers! I was impressed of how much cleaner everywhere seemed to be, including the restrooms at pubs, restaurants and train stations. They used to be much dirtier, and often had no toilette paper. But they are much cleaner and well stocked today - didn't need to carry my own roll of tissue! And I noticed that many of the German women wear skirts with dark color hose, and short high-heels... as opposed to American women who seem to all wear blue jeans and sneakers. It was good to see women looking feminine for a change! And most important, it was a great chance to practice German language again…

I hope you enjoyed reading this write-up. Auf wiedersehen, meine Deutschland!


Harvey Lit Email
12/30/11 at 07:15 PM

What city are you located? Milford

What state are you located? Massachusetts

Stationed on "Planet Gerp" from 1981-1984 as a Medic. I retired from the Army in 2009. I remember PT at the airfield and when we were issued the "Banana Suits" for a PT uniform. We started with jeeps and fatigues and left with HMMV's and BDU's. I remember schnitzel sandwiches with an orange Fanta from the cantina for breakfast.

Jim Herzig Email
12/30/11 at 02:54 AM

What city are you located? Gainsville

What state are you located? Virginia


With the 144th signal bal. From 68 to dec 69
B co.

Had lots of friends while there
Mike from the double D and M bar
Mickey from east Millanock Maine
Vince from New York

Miss all of the Sunday day trips to the Castles

Any of you guys out there?

Jim Herzig

Joseph Salazar Email
12/29/11 at 12:20 AM

What city are you located? Los Angeles

What state are you located? California


I was drafted in the Army in 1972 and was assigned to Cooke Barracks. I was a Combat MP in Headquarters, 1st Infantry Division. I did garrison duties there many times. We were driving MP Jeeps at the time. While there, I made the Green wooden spare tire covers for the back of the MP jeeps that had the 1st Infantry Division insignia. I re-enlisted for another year to make it for a total of three years at the Barracks. I married a German girl there and had two sons. I received a Honorable Discharge in 1975. I brought my wife and kids to the United States, however, things did not work out between us and she returned to Goeppingen. I had qreat memories while I was there.

Monica Longlois Rooks Email
12/26/11 at 05:05 PM

What city are you located? Atlanta

What state are you located? GA

My father, Sgt Homer Longlois, was stationed at Cooke Barracks (GURP) from 1961 until 1964.  I lived near the elementary school.  I have such wonderful memories including going to the German store to get my beer for m dad and pick up some gummy bears or sour sticks. Hanging out around the creek (open sewer-YUCK) near the DP (Displaced Persons) camp and walking over to the Glass House.  In 1963 I started the 6th grade at the Annex Bldg. Cooke Barracks was a magical place and I hope to return this year to visit. 

Andres Munoz Email
12/25/11 at 06:00 AM

What city are you located? Austin

What state are you located? Texas


I was with Bravo Co 1/26 (Blue Spader) from Mar 1973 to Mar 1974. Went to Robinson Barracks, Hohenfels, Muncingen, Camp Hof, Reforger. Lived downtown Goppingen on 11 Ulmerstrasse. Loved Germany. Worked at American Express filing cancelled checks at the help desk for manager Rudy Oremberger (project transition program) Feb thru Mar 1974 prior to ETSing at Ft Jackson. Sgt Kociuba, Sgt Knox, Sanchez(Phoenix), Gilges(LA), Guajardo(TX), are some of the names I remember. Partied at the top of the hill at Castillejas (San Antonio). I remembered the schnitzel on post, the bratwurst sold at the city corners and at the soccer stadium. Took awesome trip from Cooke Barracks to Monte Carlo, via Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Saw world welterweight Championship fight in Monte Carlo between Emile Griffith and Carlos Monzon (Yul Brynner was at ringside) in June 1973. Great website brings back great memories. 

Anita Renner Email
12/20/11 at 02:44 PM

What city are you located? Göppingen

What state are you located? Badeb-Württemberg

I'm working as a kindergarden-teacher at the KINDERGARDEN near the school at cooke barracks since summer 1992. Now it's called "Kinderhaus St.Nikolaus".
In may we want to celebrate our twenty-years-jubiläum. I'm looking for persons, who worked there, before 1992 and it would be great to get photos from this time!
Pleace contact under !Thanks so much!

steven grosflam Email
12/17/11 at 03:56 PM

What city are you located? suffern

What state are you located? new york

Stationed at Cooke Barracks 504th Admin. Co. in the years April 1966
through Dec. 1967. Will be happy to hear from anyone who served at 
that time.

rick jones Email
12/15/11 at 04:09 PM

What city are you located? wimberley

What state are you located? texas


  I was with the 144th Sig. Bat. @ Cooke Barracks from Sept. 1961 to Jan. 1963. Edward Harland from Reding Calif. was one of my best friends while there. Also David Thorson from Fertal Minn. Anyone know them or me ?  I was from Dallas & Goldthwaite , Texas .  Thanks for any input

Deb Shuman (Snyder) Email
12/14/11 at 01:10 AM

What city are you located? Sterling

What state are you located? IL


Checking in to try and locate some old friends.  I worked as a secretary for the G4 from 1984 until the summer of 1986.  My husband was stationed in Schawbisch Gmund.

Frank Tapparo Email
12/13/11 at 12:01 PM

What city are you located? Arlington

What state are you located? Virginia


Just a periodic check-back to this most interesting site. I was at Cooke from Nov 62 to Dec 64--Asst. Div Chem Officer, 4th AD. Both Cooke and Goeppingen hold many pleasant memories, including the birth of a son in a "meat wagon" on the highway between Goeppingen and Stuttgart. He'll be 49 in July 2012 and none-the-worse for the experience. Let me share one other memory: it took place in the MP station at the gate. I was the courtesy patrol officer and was closing out my tour shortly before midnight. A young woman was at the MP desk and told by the desk sergeant that it was too late to accompany her date to the barracks; she objected. In no time flat, a little green VW Polizei car arrived with an older officer, probably shorter than the woman in his loden-green coat, almost reaching to the floor, and his high peaked cap. "Was ist los?" he asked. The desk sergeant explained  the situation, the young woman made some remark and the next thing I knew she was flung against the wall by the flat of the policeman's hand--it was not police brutality, but a daughter smarting-off to an elder. End of situation--both young woman and policeman departed, the latter with a "Gute Nacht." End of story.

Bill Lee Email
12/10/11 at 10:11 PM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Texas

I arrived Cooke Barracks June 1975, assigned to CSC 1/26th, a year later they consolidated company clerks at battalion level and got transferred to HHC 1/26th....remained there til Jan 78
when I got transferred to Ft Huachuca, AZ. I had great times there, PT up drag ass hill to the officers quarters, then around the air field. The field between A, CSC and HHC companies and the motor pool was great in the summertime for frisbee, listening to our stereos (speakers in the windows cranked full) and general goof off times. Winters werre brutal, lots of snow for 6 months.
We'd travel to the quarry at Hohenstaufen, have a few brewski's and eat. Ulm was great too, not too far away. Good times, I'm glad I found this web site ! Later Spader ! 

earl moyers Email
12/09/11 at 01:28 AM

What city are you located? knoxville

What state are you located? tennessee 37918

i was at cooke barracks in 1957 through 1958 then transfered to ansbach

Rosemary Phinney Buerger Email
12/05/11 at 10:35 PM

What city are you located? Ft Bragg

What state are you located? North Carolina

We were stationed at Cooke Barracks when I was a kid from 1974-1979. We lived just up the hill from the commisary. I loved living there and have so many wonderful memories of playing, sledding, walking to school in the snow. I remember going Christmas Caroling and at one house we were singing and the family had just made steaks and while were were singing their dog stole the steaks. :) My Dad was SSG Jack Schastey but I couldn't tell you what he did while we were there lol

Gregory Chapman Email
12/02/11 at 08:52 AM

What city are you located? Syracuse

What state are you located? New York

I was in Cooke Barracks from 1975 - 1981 married a German girl live off post in  Eislingen ,ulm,Senden. I belong to the 1/26 in HHQ and CSC then transferred to 573rd S&S transportation Group. then i got to drive truck to all the bases. Paid site seeing. If i server with you contact me I'm thinking about going to the Blue Spader Reunion in KY Fort Knox June 2012


I really enjoyed looking at all the old pictures brought back memories

Marla Qualls-Horton Email
12/01/11 at 09:39 PM

What city are you located? fort worth

What state are you located? texas

We were there from 1973-75?.

Jason Sullivan Email
12/01/11 at 12:48 AM

What city are you located? Wind Gap

What state are you located? Pa.


Interested in hearing from anyone who was stationed at cooks Barracks from 1960 to 1962 144th sig Battalion Co A

Daryl Abelstad Email
11/30/11 at 05:56 AM

What city are you located? Colorado Springs

What state are you located? CO


Moved to Gurp from A burg in 72 with the 1st ID Fwd. Was an 11B assigned to S2, HHC, 1st Bn. 26th Inf. (Blue Spader). Lived at 114 Am Galgenburg.  My son was born there after my wife and daughter arrived.  Retired as an Infantry Co 1SG in 91 with the 4th ID.

Marcus James Email
11/29/11 at 09:16 PM

What city are you located? Sacramento

What state are you located? CA


Stationed from 1988-1991, C co 4-16 Cpt Murphy and 1SG Blake.  Just found this site and can't wait to get home and look through all the posts.  Saw a few right off the bat that I remember, hopefully will find a lot more. Served with James Poole, Richard Lopez, Wisnooski (SP) Marcus Horton, 1SG Blake, Sgt Powell, SSG Salisbury, SSG Gomes..Schlairet..

jennifer mccarthy Email
11/27/11 at 01:36 AM

What city are you located? indiana

What state are you located? indiana


cookebarracks was a wonderful station my family and i have a lot of good memories there. If any one remembers Paul McCarthy please feel free to email us, its always great to hear from other people we've meet over the years. He was also known as big mac. for those of you who might have worked with me on post, i was short, fat and sassy  oh what the heck i still am  lol  please let us hear from you.



Kerry Lee Landis Email
11/26/11 at 01:30 AM

What city are you located? Pittsburgh

What state are you located? Pa.


I was stationed at Cooke Barracks from December, 1973 until May 18, 1976.  I was assigned to Charlie Company Second Platoon 1/26 and I did a short stint with HHC 1/26.  I have very fond memories along with a few bad memories.  Remember MPs Knight, Tucker and Brinkerhoff tailing me in my dark blue Karmann Ghia.  Used to go out with Biggi Mueller from time-to time.  Anyone want to contact me from the good old days feel free to do so.  Go Steelers!

paul gobert Email
11/15/11 at 09:23 PM

What city are you located? denver (ft lupton)

What state are you located? colorado


Just checking in.  It has been a while since my last "peek".  I received an email from a former 48th Trans. CWO, and it kicked me in the butt to visit again.  Get caught up!!  While here, I found a posting from yet another member of 48th Trans., and I immediately sent him an email, thinking that it will add one more link to the chain of friends/contacts that this site has brought up.

If ANYONE can REMEMBER times spent with the group of people that I hung out with, as we playfully "terrorized" So. Germany, please let me know.  We never hurt or caused harm to anyone, or anything, but we had one helluva good time.  The BierAlm, The Playground (had to be there to know that one)...the list goes on.  Having a hard time remembering some of the  names at the moment, but if you were there, you know what I am talking about, and you will remember.  Drop me a line, especially any of the beautiful frauleins that I knew, and left behind.  Oh, do I regret doing that to some of them.  Peace, Out!!!


sylvia evans Email
11/13/11 at 08:42 PM

What city are you located? göppingen

What state are you located? germany


Richard Hoffman aka Boozer Email
11/07/11 at 05:27 PM

What city are you located? Denver

What state are you located? Colorado


hey i was at cooke from 89-91 Stinger platoon 1st infantry devision forward. i had some of the best times there in germany that it was crazy if anyone remembers me email or look me up on FB richard hoffman looking for anyone also in stinger platoon or possibly decon

rudy krise Email
11/05/11 at 02:45 PM

What city are you located? east freedom

What state are you located? pa.


Was at ft. gerp from 9/72 till 4/75 in HHC 1st IDF. It was a pretty good experience there. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I  should have done more while I was there.

11/05/11 at 01:47 PM

What city are you located? phiiadelphia

What state are you located? pennsylvania

this e mail is spouse e mail  that I use

Mickey Hakel Email
11/01/11 at 10:34 AM

What city are you located? Mechanicsburg

What state are you located? Pa.


Very short stay. Was with the 404th MP's and was TDY'd to Erlangan, Germany (Farris Barracks) Don't really remember much about Cooke except the big fight we got into downtown on News Years eve 1965, while I was waiting to be shipped back to the states. I was in Erlangan from about Nov. 1963 to Dec. 1964.

Norman Christenson 
10/27/11 at 04:31 PM

What city are you located? Green Bay

What state are you located? WI


Worked in comcenters at Crailsheim and Goeppingen from 1965 to 1967.  Made a lot of friends.

Hector Ramos Email
10/26/11 at 03:11 AM

What city are you located? Junction City

What state are you located? Kansas


Bravo Company 4/16 Inf (M), from Mar 85 to Mar 88, Remember good Friends like SSG Franco, SGT Malave, SGT Flint, SSG Tufu, SGT Va, SGT Krausinski. Now I'm retired and enjoying life, ready to be a grandfather, my older daughter wish she was born in am clinic in Eislingen, in 1986, and my second daughter was conceived in Göppingen, I also live in Housing area in the little town of Eislingen. I have good memories of Cooke Barracks and Goeppingen, FRG. Take care and god bless everyone.

Christopher Hegy Email
10/20/11 at 04:24 AM

What city are you located? Mountain Green

What state are you located? Utah

Hey Everyone, Chris "BIG HEG" Hegy here...
Family: 1st IDF, 4th/16th Mechanized Infantry, Bravo Company, 3rd Herd, 3rd Death Squad.
Had crazy motorcycle wreck on Main Stresses in Goppingen September of 1987. Couple years in hospital, 63 operations, 12 months paralisation waist-down, 12+ yrs vocational rehabilitation in college learning to be something other than "a Grunt" and twenty-four yrs of curiosity regarding where, what, when and how my many Army/German friends are? Being medically evacuated to Wright-Patterson AFB, hospital after many months in Goppingen Klinic and US Army's 5th General Hospital in Weisbaden, I have for 24 yrs had & lost all communique and ties severed. Anyone out there know Stanley Granger, "Sylvester Nathaniel (MAD-SLY) Davis, Ranger Gant, Robert Woods, John "Big John" Evans, Papa Roach, SGT. Sanchez, "FISH" Montoya, SFC Cushing....etc.???
Any help/assistance locating or providing insight to possible POC's is and will always be appreciated! "Danke Schon Alles"
FYI: Have recently contacted Mike Harmon (Company Armourer) VIA Facebook if anyone wishes to send Mike *hello's & what up's*
Peace, Love and Big Smiles to all who served, serve and understand life outside the sphere of "The Real World". To those I served with...get on Facebook, email, send a letter...just contact Big Heg, he misses ya all..."Big-Time"
P.S. Anyone out there have photo of my mangled Ninja? Heard it was over fence-line of POV lot on far side of airfield where we use to run P.T. Would love photo, Travelor/Goppingen paper article/photo common to accident for historical purposes....Thanks to all!

Richard Langdon Email
10/19/11 at 08:27 PM

What city are you located? Highland

What state are you located? Calif.


Cooke Barracks 1979 to 1981. U.S. Air Force

Jeff Donahue Email
10/14/11 at 12:20 AM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Oregon


Stationed at Cooke in 1975 B Company Weapons Platoon 1/16th "Blue Spaders"

Linda Tarver Email
10/10/11 at 10:32 PM

What city are you located? Los Angeles

What state are you located? California

-Cooke Barracks (A Co., 200th Spt. Bn Trans Platoon) from 1987 - 1990
-Favorite memory of Cooke Barracks is of the fest held on the air field where the German locals would come and dance and have fun with us every year.  I also loved the pomme fritz sold at schnitzel stand across from the housing area. 

Brian K. Davis Email
10/09/11 at 01:25 AM

What city are you located? Stockton

What state are you located? California


I was stationed at 1/26 infantry from OCT.1977 to july1979.I had a girlfriend named Erika Noll. I do wish i could find out what happened to her and my other friendds

Ray Barfield Email
10/07/11 at 12:57 AM

What city are you located? Cowarts

What state are you located? Alabama

I was at Cooke Barracks from 07/1981-07/1984. I was an MP with HHC 1st IDF MP Plt. 

Kenneth Gray Email
09/30/11 at 11:09 PM

What city are you located? Cypress

What state are you located? California


I had such a great time while stationed there. hopefully I will run into some old friend on here.

Scott Gump Email
09/30/11 at 08:37 PM

What city are you located? Lexington

What state are you located? Ky


hi to everyone from the HERD

Scott Gump Email
09/30/11 at 05:24 PM

What city are you located? Lexington Ky

What state are you located? Ky


Hi to Everyone who was stationed at Cooke Barracks from 81-84 especially The Herd 573 S&S Co Transportation Platoon I never stop thiking about each and everyone of you if anyone is interested in cntacting me scott gump please do iwould really like to hear from everyone

Jerry Witowski 
09/27/11 at 05:10 PM

What city are you located? Bellaire

What state are you located? Michigan

28 years ago today(9/27) I was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Army.  Left the Planet in August of 83.  I can't believe it's been 28 years already.  Still miss the place.  I will return some day to reminisce.

Kelly Sharp Geier Email
09/24/11 at 02:36 PM

What city are you located? Fort Wayne

What state are you located? Indiana

Wow, what memories!  My father was stationed her when I was a child...Such a great flashback from the past!

Kelly Geier

John Korhonen Email
09/24/11 at 12:42 PM

What city are you located? Cleveland

What state are you located? Georgia


I was there 87/89.supportted the Scouts and A company.Lived in HHC barracks,was on the Contact team.loved Gurp,some of the best years.was glad when we moved in the new barracks.Anyone want to chat hit me up.....

Robert Johnson Email
09/24/11 at 12:14 PM

What city are you located? Hamilton

What state are you located? Ohio

I arrived at Cooke Barracks in January, 1963 on my way to Nelson Barracks in Ulm.  I was at Cooke for a few days and I remember writing home that it was a very beautiful place.  I believe it snowed almost every day I was there.

A friend of mine who I had gone through the Automotive School with at Ft. Knox had left overseas replacement at Ft. Dix very quickly after we got there and the first night at Cooke, he found me.  Because he was fluent in the German language, he was assigned as a driver and interpreter for a high ranking officer.  His name was Hans Schmidt and he was from Flint, Michigan.  Often wonder what happened to him?

George Al arado Email
09/24/11 at 12:02 PM

What city are you located? San antonio

What state are you located? Texas


HHC 1st Inf.

Archie Payne Email
09/24/11 at 02:25 AM

What city are you located? virden

What state are you located? New Mexico


Served at cookes barricks fall of 1945 and left in the spring of 1946. Seved with 44th MRandR and the 27th MRandR in the 9th air corp. Anyone from this era I would like to contact ya

Jim Withrow Email
09/23/11 at 03:41 AM

What city are you located? fairfield

What state are you located? Ohio

I was stationed @ Cooke Barracks 7/66-12/67 with the 48th Trans. Company.

Had many good times on the base and in the city. Hung around most of the time with Jeff (chief) Cotter, Bill Ryan, Jim Gerdes, Ed (Spike) Blazak.

Stationed there, gave me a great opportunity to visit some great places, such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and the Bavarian Area of Germany. Was able to go to 2 beerfest in Munich,and the smaller ones in Stuttgart. Great times.

I would like to hear from any of my friends that were there at that time, that make this period of my life a very pleasant one.
Also would like to thank and salute the people who went to Viet Nam. Job well done, under the circumstances!   

Jack Cockroft Email
09/22/11 at 03:03 PM

What city are you located? Dodgeville

What state are you located? Wisconsin

Was in  B Co.4th QM Bn. Drove fuel tanker. Made the move to Mckee Barracks summer of '63 when we became the 504th S&T. Went TDY to Ferris Barracks, Erlangen for 15 mo.

Dec. '62 to Jan. '65

ron tenney Email
09/19/11 at 02:40 AM

What city are you located? amelia

What state are you located? ohio


I was in cooke barraks in 1971 with the 1st ad an d then moved to ansback with them.

09/14/11 at 04:52 AM

What city are you located? valencia

What state are you located? California

1st IDF Military Police  July 88-Nov.91
The best place every!!!  I talk about it all the time, I want to take my kids there.  My wife Patti worked at the PX and at the Provost Marshal's office.  If you know us send me an email.

Piper Sullivan 
09/14/11 at 02:56 AM

What city are you located? Shelby

What state are you located? NC


1st Signal Support Unit '78-'81 - Wow what an adventure!

Rick Patino Email
09/12/11 at 06:12 PM

What city are you located? Scottsdale

What state are you located? AZ

When back to Germany in July 2011 looking for Cooke Barracks, Maikafer, Taverna, and other small hangouts..All sad..

I was station there in 1980 - 83 MEDIC : Big Red One ALPHA GATOR..
Shout out to Dave Bettis from Redlands CA..CALL me! 480 239-4233

MEDICS: David Hanson, Jeff Orman (SIC? snoopy tat) (duty cut short ..hey call me too), Stanley, Sgt Deboe,

Robert L. Byrd Email
09/12/11 at 03:12 AM

What city are you located? Miami

What state are you located? Florida

Trained at Fort Hood, Texas From 9/58 until 4/59 then sent to Cooke Barracks where I was assigned as a tractor trailer driver on a tanker supporting the Armor Units. I fondly remember Southern Bavaria's beauty going to the October fest and Ulm to Hohenstaffen Castle, many early morning "alerts" and Grafenwehr for training.
I rotated back to the States in late August of 1960. I saw my first snow the first winter I was there.
I have wonderful memories of my time in that period.

John Moran Email
09/07/11 at 02:24 AM

What city are you located? The Woodlands

What state are you located? Texas

I was stationed at 504th from 7/63 until 1/66 and I had many best friends. One was Jim Mackin from Dorchester, Boston and Jim McEwan from Shaker Heights, Ohio. Also Bob Wise III and many others. Such as Sid Guidry and his brother in  law.
Love to hear from all of you.
John (walt) moran


Steve McLaughlin Email
09/04/11 at 05:20 AM

What city are you located? Annapolis

What state are you located? Maryland

Nice to find this site.  Was in C Co-5/16 Inf 82-84.  Miss the planet!  We used to live at thMikafer sucking down Weissbeirs when not in the field and travelling to Stuttgart (bigger than stuttgart) and Munich on weekends.  I miss the German-American fests we had on post.  The German people were very nice in the Goppingen area.  

Always fun, everyone hungover on the PT runs.  "DON'T STOP THE PT RUN!"  

Good times.  

Darryl Johnson Email
09/03/11 at 07:32 AM

What city are you located? Ellwangen (jagst)

What state are you located? Baden-Wurttemberg

I miss the German-American Fest.

James Madden Email
08/30/11 at 07:12 PM

What city are you located? Stockton

What state are you located? Ca

I served from 1967 to 1968, 144 sig bn company A. I'm trying to find Buzz Stalcup and Gary garlow. I hope you can help me. Thx

Larry Santos Email
08/28/11 at 09:02 PM

What city are you located? Atlanta

What state are you located? Georgia


Gurp. 1967-69

Ariel Rivera Email
08/28/11 at 04:47 PM

What city are you located? Las Vegas

What state are you located? Nevada


3rd Platoon, B Co 4/16th from January 1984 to June 1985.  Really cool to have found this site.  I notieced Lundquist posted pictures of 3rd Platoon.  Way to go Lundquist!  I don't remember most of the names but remember the faces. Great times and memories back in planet Goppingen. Look me up if you come to Vegas

Les Felton Email
08/28/11 at 03:41 PM

What city are you located? Kokomo

What state are you located? Indiana


193rd Aviation Co, 56th FA Cmd  1987-1989

Shawn Shomaker Email
08/22/11 at 08:09 PM

What city are you located? Olathe

What state are you located? Kansas

Just posting in memory of my Father CW3 Richard (Dick) Shomaker.  He past away last year in May.  He will be greatly missed.  We were stationed at Cooke Barracks from 84 til around 88.  We had alot of good memories in Germany that I will never forget.

Julie Mathews Email
08/21/11 at 08:45 PM

What city are you located? Lebanon

What state are you located? Pennsylvania

HHC, 1st IDF, 1982-1983.  I really enjoy reading the memories here.  There are so many things to look back on and smile.  I was secretary to Gen. Roger Price.  What a great man, and also worked for the SJA in Neu Ulm.  I remember meeting some great people, Jerry Witowski (who just friended me on Facebook), Kim Karl, Karen Korey, Doc (who was in our band), Ron Ginther and the other guys from the general's office.  We had a rock then a country western band while over there.  What great times!  Beautiful country, especially loved the Hofbrauhaus in Munich and Oktoberfest anywhere in Germany!  I want to go back!

William Wells Email
08/20/11 at 04:21 PM

What city are you located? Topeka

What state are you located? KS


Just wanted to drop another line saying hi to all of the old Cooke Barracks (Planet Grep) folks.   I was stationed there in  87-89 with the HHC 1st IDF MP’s.  I have been in touch with some of my old friends and would like to hear from my old roommates.  If remember me drop a line.  It is good to read some of the postings.  Just like most people, I had some good and bad times while there, but for most parts they were good.  The food, drink and Germans were great.  I made a lot of friends in other units and civilians.  After I left Germany I went to Ft. Polk, LA where I spent more time out of country then I did in.  I was sent to the US Virgin Islands for Hurricane Hugo for two months in 89 and then to Panama for four months in 90.  I got out of the Army in mid 90 when they stared downsizing.  I returned to the Guards for two more years.

Stephen Westberg Email
08/19/11 at 12:49 PM

What city are you located? Idstein

What state are you located? Hessen

OK. Big Göpp party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone that was there 88 to end write me an email... we'll get together....

Everyone else let's try to get a Göpp party... suggest dates....

Richard Robison Email
08/19/11 at 06:38 AM

What city are you located? Ocala

What state are you located? Florida

  I feel it time I checked back in the "Cook" web-site. My first entry was way back, Thanksgiving, NOV. 25 2003. I was stationed there in '51-'52 with the 28th Div. I was A Btry 899th AAA Mtr. Sgt. - Again, Hello to all who had the honor of being stationed at "COOK". Over the years I have checked the site every couple of months and have enjoyed reading all entries. I am now 83 and still have many fond memories of my time there as y'all do. I want to thank both Dave Wisniewski for starting the Web-Site, and  John Francis for the Chronology. Not many  members of the 28th Div. stationed at "COOK" have made entries over the years.
  I end with, "Roll On 28th, Roll On" and GOD BLESS all.

Jeff Cotter Email
08/19/11 at 06:26 AM

What city are you located? Prescott

What state are you located? Arizona

I was at Cooke Barracks in 1966-1967 with the 48th Transportation Co. I was a precise power generator specialist and power men. I was in charge of the department for several months before I got out in December of 1967. We were also responsible for all the aircraft ground handling equipment and compressors. Jim Withrow, Spike Blasak, Cy Orlofski, Jim Ryan and another guy with the last name of Shouft were all part of the department. all good guys. I was a SP-5 when I was discharged. I have a lot of Great memories of the Army and Cooke Barracks and have often wondered about the guys I was stationed there with. Pete Sabo was another friends.  Also Major Olsen a 31 year old real good looking helicopter pilot and the company commander for awhile. He was a blast and just a good guy and hung out more with the enlisted guys than the officers. Lt. Cupp, I'll never forget the day he gave me my reenlistment papers. I almost choked. It didn't happen although I told him if he could get me past the depth perseption test and into flight school I'd change the two years to eighteen. Failed that test 3 times in my two years. The Army was great and Germany was spectacular. The people the food unbelievable experience. It was a highlight of my life. If anyone from the 48th or any friend see this and would like to drop a line I will reply. 

Sue Watson (Susi Aufinger)  Email
08/18/11 at 01:02 AM

What city are you located? Jonesville

What state are you located? Virginia

I was born in Ebersbach Germany and lived in Eislingen for almost 22 years. My first husband was Mitch Austin, who I married in October of 1982 when he left Goeppingen to go back to Washington State. We had good times sneaking by the MP's, going in the back fence and up to his room.
The last time I went back to visit my family they had a exibition at the Cooke Barracks and I went to see what it looked like now. Boy, things have changed. Nothing like it used to be.
I met a bunch of nice guys while I was still living in Eislingen and wish I would be able to get in touch with some of them. I remember names but I'm not sure about where they lived in the States. My name used to be Susi Aufinger and maybe somebody that recognizes the name could e-mail me.

Joey Saia Email
08/17/11 at 10:41 PM

What city are you located? Reno

What state are you located? Nevada

I was in the planet Gerp from 7/4/87 to 2/14/89 ets terminal leave... I was in the ARMY but the army wasn't in me. I do have great memories of the Yak shack and going to some country& western bar in stuttgart and that's where I met my second wife Zinka. Do you all remember her? I bet she cut your hair.

OH yeah! I was in HHC Mortors on the third floor till a bout 6 months before ets and then I was a supply clerk haha! Talk about skatin... I was always under the radar... The only time I really got in trouble was when I missed the railhead rollout to Grafonver or however its spelled..... Anyway I lived off base with Zinka and we were on alert and I was allowed to go home for one last toss before the field, and well I got to the railhead right as my track was being loaded by my nemesis Ford! I lost a stripe and had to stay on post w/ extra duty for 30 days...CAKE!!! Ended up getting my e-4 back in supply.....haha! Hey Josh remember You,Me,Zinka and Your GF at Zinkas parents house in Stuttgart? MARSHMELLOW!!!!!! Hahahahahaha Good times was had by all.

Shoutout to all my bros in the Mortors.Scouts and the rest of you crazy ass volunteers that signed your GD name on the dotted line..... Rangers Forward.. Always Prepared!

Dean Knight Email
08/16/11 at 08:56 PM

What city are you located? Acton

What state are you located? Maine

Just returned from a gathering of 1st Div. Fwd MP's in Albany, NY. and looking forward to next years get together. Any 1st Div or 385th MP's from 1973 to 1976 contact me.
At our meeting in NY was attended by Paul Weinberg, Dan Beseth, Peter Brinkerhoff, Sherman Tucker, David Deitze, Jim Hall and I. Drummond Murray and Randy Robinson were unable attend.

Next years meeting is planned for Cape Cod, so friends make contact and we will once again have a great time together.

See you all next year!

JoAnn (Hart) Ables Email
08/15/11 at 12:42 PM

What city are you located? Gatesville

What state are you located? Texas


I was in Goppingen from Sept.1982-Jan.85. We lived in housing the building right before going on post. I have an older brother and sister (Jackie & John Hart). We were stationed there with our step dad (Wendell "Bob" Vines), and later our two step brothers (Larry & James "Jamie") came to live with us. I am in contact with several friends from back then and several are on my facebook page. But I am still looking for more of my friends from back then. To this day, I still feel that planet Gurp was the best time of my life!!! And any and every time I think about it, it puts a smile on my face! 

Donald Brimhall Email
08/13/11 at 05:35 PM

What city are you located? Franklin

What state are you located? IN


I was an MP from 1981-1983. Lot of good times.

Michael Dunlp Email
08/12/11 at 09:43 PM

What city are you located? Lewisville, Tx ( Dallas )

What state are you located? Tx


Man just found this site. Its great to read of the stories from everyone. I was station at Cooke's from 1978 to 1981.  573rd, truck driver, HHC 1stInf Div. G-3, draftsman, HHD 1st Spt, S-2 draftsman. Meet and marry Linda from finance. Maggie's, NCO-EM club. Life Disco. The memories. Travel the country, field duty. We remember but move on. Have everyone have a bless day and always support our troupes

Matt Held Email
08/12/11 at 06:01 PM

What city are you located? Ithaca

What state are you located? New York


Does anyone have any pictures of the old NCO club just off Cooke Barracks. If so could you email them to me at [email link]. Thank you

Ralf Stumpf Email
08/10/11 at 06:18 PM

What city are you located? Bettringen

What state are you located? Schwäbisch Gmünd

Hey Everyone-good to see that everything is well.Miss you Guys her in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Göppingen .The Museum is almost up David.It open on Sept. 1st.Get you some pics from the opening. Be all Well
???????????????? If You're Proud To Be An American Wave ???????????????? This Flag In Honor Of The Fallen Men ???????????????? And Women Who Serve Our Country ???????????????? And For Those Who Are Still Fighting ???????????????? THANK YOU AMERICAN HEROES!!!!!
God Bless Each And Every One Of you For Your Service And Sacrifice!!

Thomas Merrifield 
08/04/11 at 02:37 PM

What city are you located? Newnan

What state are you located? Ga

I was stationed at the Gerp 1966-1968 504th Admin Co. 
Great times!  Traveled and partied for almost 2 years. Super place to be during those days. 

Jerry Feinstein Email
08/02/11 at 01:56 AM

What city are you located? Shelton

What state are you located? CT

Neil Young, I received your email but when I tried to reply your server rejected. It was great to hear from you.

William Couch Email
07/30/11 at 04:36 PM

What city are you located? Norfolk

What state are you located? VA


At Cooke Barracks o/a '63-'67 timeframe.  I was with the 4th AD, 144th Sig BN, "C" Company and worked in the Photo Lab. 

Michael Eric Cook Email
07/30/11 at 07:36 AM

What city are you located? Longview

What state are you located? Texas


   I was stationed with HHC IDF and assigned as the Assistant to the SGS.  I drove Colonel Dawson, General Allen and as needed Colonel Westbrook.  I had come off a 85 hour week right at the time of the German American fest on post in the summer of 89.   I was happy to see a Beer tent and even happier to see Burritos and Tacos getting sold at stands.  I brought a German girlfriend on Post and she was able to try a different staple of food.  We had a blast and I still hold that as one of my favorite memories.

Scott Anderson Email
07/29/11 at 03:29 AM

What city are you located? Atlanta

What state are you located? Georgia


I was a PFC (later SP4) in Charlie Company, 4-16th's 3d platoon, in the 2d squad from June of 1984 to September of 1985. LT Horras was the platoon leader, SFC Richardson was the platoon sergeant (later SFC Nadeau), and SGT Waycaster, SSG Boze and SSG Lemke were some of the string of squad leaders I had. For a short period I was also an assistant armorer along with PFC Spink.

It was twenty-six years ago when I left Charlie Company and PCS'd back to the States, to A-2/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne, and even though I was only with the company fifteen months, I have vivid memories of my time there.

Bill Couch Email
07/27/11 at 05:48 PM

What city are you located? Chesapeake

What state are you located? VA


My Father was stationed at Cooke Barracks around 1963 to 1966 timeframe and myself, Mom and sister were with him.  My Dad, William Couch, was with the 4th AD.  Dad is still "hanging strong" and he is 82 years old.  Trying to get some old pictures from him to post....Thanks

Andrea Patience Krappmann Email
07/26/11 at 01:31 PM

What city are you located? Eislingen

What state are you located? Germany

Hi, I'm looking for friends back in the 80-90ths:
Albert Sylvester Davis, Herman Cameron, Frederic McFadden,
Edward Williams, Mario Paris (he's originally from the Virgin Islands), Anthony Green
Maybe someboday is in contact with them.

David Gibson Email
07/20/11 at 01:45 PM

What city are you located? Topeka

What state are you located? Kansas


Was in HHB 1/26 78 -81 worked as medic at the disp and csc

Melinda Robare Email
07/19/11 at 10:30 PM

What city are you located? New Orleans

What state are you located? La



Emmi Wasylenko (Mrs. George) Email
07/19/11 at 07:41 PM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Texas

Worked at NCO club 1956-1958.  I answered the telephone "NCO Club, Waitress Emmi speaking."

conrad wilson Email
07/18/11 at 05:33 AM

What city are you located? enfield

What state are you located? north caroline

i was in the 1st/26 inf div in 1974, 1975 .i enjoy the friend i met .i love to go to mon place sfc conrad wilson.

Daniel L Randles Email
07/17/11 at 04:06 PM

What city are you located? Whitehall

What state are you located? Michigan


Cooke Barracks November 1962 thru November 1965, 4th Armor Division, 144th Signal, Company B

Russell Neely Email
07/13/11 at 07:12 PM

What city are you located? Milan

What state are you located? Michigan


Great memories of Cooke Barracks and the people I served with from 1981 to 1983.  Duty First.

Chuck Hargis Email
07/08/11 at 03:56 AM

What city are you located? Murray

What state are you located? Utah


Looking for Johnny P. Woods and Dow Tierney whom I met in Germany with the 504th Admin. Would love to hear from those guys or others who served with us. Thanks

Harmon Eaton Email
07/07/11 at 05:27 AM

What city are you located? Lacey

What state are you located? WA

Stationed at Cooke Barracks as the Commander, 1st MI Co (Forward), 1st Infantry Division, from February 1974 to June 1975.  Great outfit, terrific officers and men.  Though brief, I look back on my time at "Fort Goepp" as one of the highpoints of my life. Duty First!

Michella Behanna Email
07/04/11 at 03:36 AM

What city are you located? Colorado Springs

What state are you located? Colorado

I was in C-299 from 1988 - 1991. 

Kuno Spies Email
07/03/11 at 07:35 PM

What city are you located? Mendham

What state are you located? New Jersey


I arrived at Cooke Barracks as a SP4 in July of 1963 to help with the reorganization of the Division.  All personnel records were moved from the outlaying areas of the 4th Armored Division to the 504th Admin Company at Cooke Barracks.  I was made a pay team leader to deal with the existing pay problems, soon thereafter my wife joined me and we lived on the economy in Holzheim.  While stationed in Germany my daughter was born in Stuttgart.  In August of 1964 I was rotated back to the US for discharge.  My year in Germany was great; we did some traveling and got to spend time with my grandparents in Germany and best of all they got to meet their great granddaughter.

Sherrin Sharpe Email
06/28/11 at 09:43 PM

What city are you located? Gaithersburg

What state are you located? Maryland


I attend the junior high there in Goeppingen for 8th grade (1978-1979) while we lived in Schwabish Gmund.  Looking for anyone who may have gone to school with me.  We were in Gmund from 1976 to 1979.

marc waddell Email
06/28/11 at 05:20 PM

What city are you located? driggs

What state are you located? idaho

I'm looking for Sgt.Proctor Delta 4-16 INF 1987-1989

John Jones Email
06/28/11 at 02:24 AM

What city are you located? Bourbonnais

What state are you located? IL

Hello everyone.

This website is great, it has allowed me to get in contact with more than a few of the guys from the old E 4/16. This site made it possible for me to get in contact with Joe Rovito and CPL James Smith (Luke), Adam Ficke, Randy Muller, Jeff Feldman, Shane Hobgood & Tim Simpson.  If I forgot anyone, sorry.

Joe is trying to get us together at Benning in 2 years, Smitty will be turning 50 then! that will be something like 25 years or so since we left Gerp.  25 years is a long damn time.

If anyone else from our era is interested let us know.  I set up an E 4/16 thing on FB.  Feel free to come in.

John or as some of you might remember me "FM Jones".

06/28/11 at 01:49 AM

What city are you located? Atlanta

What state are you located? Ga

It's been a while since i heard the work Cook Barracks Germany witch bring back beautiful memory from 1989 to 1991. A reunion is well on it's way...... 

Spiering Joe Email
06/17/11 at 08:10 PM

What city are you located? Green Bay

What state are you located? Wi

299th Support Driver in Alpha.....86-90

Joseph (Joe) Cesarik Email
06/17/11 at 12:19 AM

What city are you located? Chicago

What state are you located? IL

I was drafted in Oct 1967 and, in a stroke of good fortune, assigned to the SJA office of the 504th Admin Company sometime during 1968 and departed for discharge around May 1969. Probably arrived as an E-3 and was discharged an E-5.  I lived off post, in Donzdorf. I regard my year in Germany as possibly the best experience of my life.

I am delighted to find your website.

I have a photo of some members of the company taken during the alert which was called when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia which I will attempt to digitize and upload to the site.

jim willis Email
06/16/11 at 04:54 AM

What city are you located? lodi

What state are you located? ca.


i was at cooke barraks from late '69 to mid '72.

John Callahan Email
06/15/11 at 03:04 PM

What city are you located? Lodi

What state are you located? CA


I was stationed at Monteith Barracks from 62 to 65, my friend Ralph Cameron from Rio Vista, CA was stationed at Cooke Barracks during that time.  I haven't heard from him since then, does anyone remember Ralph?  If so, let me know.  Thanks

Jerry Feinstein Email
06/15/11 at 06:51 AM

What city are you located? Shelton

What state are you located? CT

I processed thru on my birthday 8/13/1968 and was lucky enough to be pulled out and assigned to the 504th Admin Co. Cpt Hammer was our CO, can remember the Tops name but his replacement was Sgt. Lugo. I actually was the one who picked him up from the train station at the banhopf in Goeppingen. I was lucky to serve with a great bunch of guys. Always remember the great great food from the small gast houses in downtown Goeppingen or or ordering the ham sandwiches from Ma's. Have never been able to find a place in the States that could match the great schnizel, potatoe salad and spaezle we use to get. Would always tell my family but unless you had it there one couldn't appreciate how good they were. Remember all the tripes to Baden Baden either to the Casino or to the Nato  base to buy our camera equipment. Would love to get in touch with John Downing or Dennis Smith my roommates. Other names were Henry Sitarski, Ken Kupick, Joe Musamarra. I remember volunteering to take a married guy's duty for Christmas eve and receiving a call from the First Sgt at 504th telling me if I would do it he would make me a guard driver. You remember how saught after that spot was. A hell of alot better driving then having to walk guard duty (especially) in the Winter. Saw as much of Europe as I could and always appreciated that fact, but it was the guys in my company that made the stay so great.

John Schofield Email
06/13/11 at 07:00 PM

What city are you located? Evans

What state are you located? GA

Assigned C 1/26 Inf Bn, HHC, 1/26 Inf Bn, HHC, 1st IDF,  and Det 1, 101 Mi Bn

A. Ochoa (Ret.USArmy) Email
06/11/11 at 04:00 PM

What city are you located? Bad Kreuznach

What state are you located? Germany


Stationed 1987 to 1989, HHC 1st Inf Div (Fwd).  Retired July 1989

Mike Hudack Email
06/06/11 at 05:36 PM

What city are you located? Hinckley

What state are you located? Ohio

Greetings, to the 504 Admin Company "veterans" from the late 1960's!  I was assigned to the PSD, PA Branch is February, 1968 as a slick sleeve E-2 and remained in PA until August 1, 1969 when my ETS, DEROS, and port call orders  was in hand and this E-5 headed back to Cleveland, Ohio.   When I arrived SFC Machmer was the NCOIC; LT. Alexanders was OIC and a short-timer; and SSG Wand was in PA.The PA, E-4 and E-5 gang over the months was Joe Rink, Dan Lindvall, Joe Neely, Joe Carducci, Roger Hunter, Bill Dobson, Renzi, Jim Armistead, Bob Drake, Carl Ford, Ron Habeeb, Bob Hearst, Al Glasgow, Dan Schonebaum, Bob Goldstein, Guthrie, and at least another dozen names who have escaped me but the faces remain.  After LT Alexander ETS'd, LT Bloss, LT Champion SSG Foose arrived to assist in PA.
I located five pix I will post to this site.  Two reveal the front of the 504 Admin barracks, two reveal the view from the front door, and the one remaining pix of the street with the Chapel on the left and theater on the right.  Hope to hear from the veterans of the 504 Admin from 68-69.

Norman C. Mabe Sr. Email
06/01/11 at 02:14 PM

What city are you located? Killeen

What state are you located? Texas


I was station at Cooke Barracks from 1988 till it close. I was with the HHC 299th Spt Bn then move to TMP. I was the Maintenance Officer for the TMP until we closed the site. Would love to here from Old folks that might have been there.

Carla Gokey Email
05/31/11 at 06:49 PM

What city are you located? Göppingen

What state are you located? Germany


50 years have gone by! Now time has come that I would like to know how everyone is from the 4th Armored Division, Special Services and Judge Advocate Section.

 I had the pleasure working in Special Services from 1959-1961 and had made a lot of friends which I am looking for:

Lt. William McClean III, CA,  SP. Bales,  PFC House,  Spencer Berg,  David M. Harris, Troy, N.C,  Robert Armstrong, Chico,CA,  Ulyssis Curry.  

My name is Carla and I was responsible for the Sport Section translating American-German Events and also for the Bookkeeping.  

It would be absolutely beautiful to hear from you.  Looking forward to correspond with you.


Debbie Kiger Email
05/29/11 at 02:30 PM

What city are you located? San Antonio

What state are you located? Tx

Stationed w/C Co 299 Spt Bn '89-'91 w/husband Steve Kiger. He was in 4/16 Bn.

jason boswell Email
05/29/11 at 06:38 AM

What city are you located? crestview

What state are you located? florida

i went to school in gurp, 84-87. hey if anyone remembers the day everyone was out on the airfeild, for the change of command. gen allen was taking over, but i did me a wheelie on my bike right in front of the grand stand. that was me if you were there. we lived up in the glass house. my dad was CW2-3 Boswell. he was in 299th sprt bat. he ran the motor pool across from the shoppett.. email me if you want to talk.

Patty (Dunham) Campbell Email
05/26/11 at 09:03 AM

What city are you located? Beaumont

What state are you located? CA

To my fellow Cooke Barracks' military folks, just found out that my 'ole friend and The Traveler editor, Randolph "Murph" Murphy, passed away a few years ago. Had anyone stayed in touch with Murph?

Stan Miller Email
05/26/11 at 05:42 AM

What city are you located? Fayetteville

What state are you located? NC


I'm hoping someone can help me locate John Gregory.
John was stationed at Cooke Barracks, Goeppingen,
(approximately) 1948-1951.

Approximate age of John Gregory would be 83.
John was possibly a boxer for the Army Boxing Team.

In 1980 or 1981, John was invited as the Guest of Honor
to watch a boxing match between Club Olympia Goeppingen
and a USA team.

Anyone having any information on John would be greatly appreciated.

Stan Miller

Colm O'Doherty Email
05/24/11 at 04:18 PM

What city are you located? Bloomington

What state are you located? Minnesota


Carl (Buzz) Nielsen 
05/23/11 at 12:22 AM

What city are you located? Summerville

What state are you located? South Carolina

I was there at Cooke Barracks from April 1969 to September 1969. Granted, it was a short tour because I 1049ed to Vietnam, but it was a great time over all. I was in 504th Admin motor-pool. Ha, I guess I wasn't much of a mechanic so was allowed to assume the PLL clerk position. I remember Frank Serico, Louie Peralta, Wayne Spitzer, Reiner (Ray) Alba, Al ???, the two guys who took leave to tour Europe in their POV and came back with the windshield gone and their faces looking like well tanned leather. Watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon upstairs in the day-room

Captain Hammer was the CO. The 1st Sgt was Sgt Lugo. Carl Boyd was Sgt E-5 in Motor pool. Frank...remember when I attempted to throw a firecracker through the window over your door in the barracks and got caught red handed by 1st Sgt Lugo?.... The roman candles that went off in the room instead of out the window. The airstrip where the German civilians would fly their radio controlled planes on the weekend. The war games and the M-60 mounted on the back of the jeep early in the morning....firing blanks......

Our Barracks was used by the Luftwaffe during the 2nd WW. The building was curved over its length....The German Taylor downstairs.......
Remember being in town and sneaking back just before morning formation....Sgt Lugo got us out their in formation in our skivvies.....The (beer fest) Company party we had in front of the Barracks.....trips to Nuremberg, Amsterdam, Stuttgart. Wayne...remember us driving up to Nuremberg and breaking down in that little town and waiting for hours in that guest house. Remember those mountain roads with no guide rails. Glad you gave me those tips on how to stay on the road while driving that deuce and a half..... Hohenstaufen Mountain.....The Luna Bar (Cafe Luna)

Remember ordering schnitzel sandwiches, cases of beer and the taxi delivering it to the Barracks.

Get back to me if you can....anyone who remembers me...I know their are more names that I have forgotten right now, but get back to me.

Doug High Email
05/18/11 at 09:46 PM

What city are you located? Asheboro

What state are you located? NC

This was very cool running into this Guestbook without even trying.  Good grief, the detail some of  you remember, especially you, Bob Himmer.  God I miss having a case of local, outstanding beer delivered to our quarters for 10 dm, $2.50.  You can't even buy a bottle of that unknown liquid they sell in this country that is labeled beer for $2.50.


Specialist Christopher Hegy Email
05/17/11 at 06:40 AM

What city are you located? Morgan

What state are you located? Utah

Served 1985-1987 in 4th/16th, 1st IDF, Bravo CO., 3rd Plt. (3rd Herd), 3rd Death Squad....Had misfortunate accident that took me away from some super good Army comrades & German friends...Miss immensely the one job I always wanted to do...."Be a die-hard grunt"
Now many a year have past and I have always had curiosity & regret about losing bond (being medi-vac stateside) with fellow brothers in arms.....If any of you super-troopers remember the great times partying, shooting up da scheize & "Big Heg", be sure to shoot me an email with your Sit-Rep & POC...Many thanks to all who continued their servitude with The Big Red One!

clifford julian Email
05/16/11 at 09:21 PM

What city are you located? colorado springs

What state are you located? colorado


I was at cook barracks with the 4th Armor Division 1967-69, I enjoyed my self in germany got out in Oct.1969. Came back in 1974 went to munich, germany in 1976-78, and came back to wurzberg, germany 1982-85. Retired from the army in 1991. I miss germany and the people It was the best time of my life.   

Gerald Lacey Email
05/15/11 at 03:49 AM

What city are you located? Green Valley

What state are you located? Arizona

I served in 9th Infantry Division Headquarters, G1, until the Division gyroscoped in October 1956 when my two years of service were up.  Served under Col. John Arthur, Major Harold Jenkins and SFC John F. Kelly.  I had interrupted college to enlist in 1954.  Upon return to the University of Detroit I resumed classes. One day while crossing the campus from a distance I saw a figure sort of ambling along in uniform and lo and behold it was the same SFC Kelly who was with the ROTC detachment. Enjoyed Gurp town greatly and all of the travel in Europe. We were still considered an occupation Army at that time so greenbacks were verboten. We were paid in scrip which could be exchanged for DM.  Exchange rate was 4 DM=$1.00.  I have really enjoyed the album and even though there are not many shots of the 9th Div. days, the Division HQ is the same.  We lived in the Lufwaffe Pilots billets at the top of the hill, 4 to a room so they were good quarters.  Haven't seen them in any of the photos.  If there are any fellows still around from those days send me an e-mail.  It would be good to hear from you.  Thanks, Jerry Lacey  

Doreen (Dougherty) Siegel Email
05/15/11 at 02:08 AM

What city are you located? Santa Maria

What state are you located? CA

Hi all. My dad, Maj. Edward Dougherty, was stationed at Goeppingen from '59-'62. He was USARER Spec. Service Officer so any of you involved in organized sports may have known him. We lived in Blg. 313 directly across from the elementary school where I spent 4th- 7th grade. My sister married an MP, Ralph Wessel, who was, also, stationed at Cooke. FYI...any other Army brats who attended Goeppingen Elementary may be interested to know that we have a group on Facebook called I Went to Goeppingen Elementary School. Both former students and teachers are members and we are always looking to expand our group. Life as a brat had its ups and downs, the down being that we were always on the move and never had lifelong friends. This site is a real boon to connecting with the past. I only returned to Goeppingen once, in 1972, but I will never forget the wonderful times we had there as kids. Auf Wiedersehen!

05/14/11 at 06:34 PM

What city are you located? ARDEN

What state are you located? NORTH CAROLINA



Charles W Heath Email
05/12/11 at 11:20 AM

What city are you located? Kenansville

What state are you located? Florida


I was Spec/5 , head paymaster in the 504th Replacement Detachment that was located on the 3rd floor of the barracks building. I was there from January 1968 to August 1969

Ingrid Rebmann-Blaylock Email
05/11/11 at 05:24 PM

What city are you located? Lawton

What state are you located? Oklahoma


I spend the last hour or so reading the guest book. Maybe this way I can find a friend from the past - Maggie McCrina. She and her husband Kenneth were stationed at Cooke Barracks during the late 70's.

Larry Meili Email
05/10/11 at 11:05 PM

What city are you located? Laurel

What state are you located? Mt


I was in the 48th trasnsportation co.  It was great, made alot of good friends,  played on a great basketbal team.  1969 to 1971

Patricia Jayme Email
05/09/11 at 06:04 AM

What city are you located? SSF

What state are you located? CA

My mom worked at the NCO club in goeppingen. Her name was Chris Le Mere. She was a waitress at the club and later cooked for them. My dad whom I have never found was supposedly stationed there. I was born November 1961 I do not know if anyone may have any information for me. But if you remember any thing at all please e mail me. Thank you. My mom was a great woman even with all her faults.

Wincelaus J.Podbielski Email
05/07/11 at 03:59 PM

What city are you located? Crestwood

What state are you located? Illinois


Just returned from our fourth reunion of Company A, 4th Quartermaster Battalion, Fourth Armored Division, held in Pigeon Forge Tennessee on 1 May thru 4 May 2011. Had a great time visiting and reminiscing with old army buddys and their families. We are of a group who served at Cooke Barracks in Goppingen, Germany from November 1957 thru April 1959 (US) or 1960 (RA). Had a great time and wish more people could have made the trip . If enough interest is shown we hope to do this again next year in Branston, Missouri.  

Rich Wood Email
05/04/11 at 04:18 AM

What city are you located? Sheep Mtn

What state are you located? Alaska

504th Admin, PSD, 1968-1970.  Hi all.  Site recommended by a mountain man with a famous name.  Are you still looking for your records?  Having trouble rotating back?  Wonder where your pay is?  Good luck.

Dannette Sanchez Email
05/04/11 at 02:26 AM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Texas

My father was station at Cook Barrack 90-91 we left after he went to Desert Storm. His name is Johnny George he was Sgt First Class I think. Will I am looking for Carlos Ship or anyone that is looking for me. I miss that place.

Mark Jones Email
05/02/11 at 11:35 PM

What city are you located? Ventura

What state are you located? California


I was stationed here between 1973 and 1974 and was in csc ground surveilance and radar. I was with a group of great guys. I had plenty of good memories and a few bad ones but over all it was a good experience. Look forward from hearing from and old friends.

Howard Watson Email
05/01/11 at 09:07 PM

What city are you located? McAllen

What state are you located? Texas

Was at Cooke Barracks from 1977 -1980.  Was in HHC 1/26th for a few months, then moved to CSC 1/26 and spent the last several months working for division.  Was supply clerk and armorer for HHC and CSC and was a logistics specialist for division. Went to Ft. Leonard Wood after leaving there.  Spent 5 years at FLW and then ETS'ed, but not for good.  After college, ended up in the Air Force and stayed until retirement.  For those who knew me, I bet none would have ever thought of me as a careerist LOL.

Ron Ronnenberg Email
04/29/11 at 09:37 PM

What city are you located? Green Bay

What state are you located? Wi


I was stationed there from 69-70.  I worked in congressional correspondance for the 4th Armored Division.  I remember Ron Peterson, Ken Brubaker, Randy Lewis, Tom Griffith, Bob Neibruegge and several others.  Had a great time and never got shot at.

Jay Giglio (SPC/CPL) Email
04/27/11 at 09:27 PM

What city are you located? Little Elm

What state are you located? Texas


This is my third post...glad this site is still active.  I was D 4/16 then moved to S-4 from 1987 to 1989.  I email John Phillips from HHC 4/16 often.  Looking for any others who may remember me...Jeff Sanders, Kyle Sartin, Doug Sherman, Danny Souza, Mike Lawlor to name a few.  Also Captain Hobbs...he needs to tell me "I told you so", since I left Cooke for the 101st and LOVED it!  Email me if you know me!!

Ronald Timmer Email
04/27/11 at 02:00 AM

What city are you located? Hodgenville

What state are you located? Kentucky

I was there from 79-82, HHC 1/26---Scouts Out--Had some great times stationed there. Yep I too remember the Death runs!!Can also remember the first time we could wear tennis shoes to run in(instead of combat boots...1st Sgt said us whimps could run twice as far--LOL--Everyone take care!

Eugene F. Skrovanek Email
04/22/11 at 06:42 PM

What city are you located? Brooklyn

What state are you located? New York


I was stationed in Goeppingen with the 144th Signal Battalion from 1963 until 1965 when I left for Vietnam.  I along with Dean Wustract worked in the S-1 office with SFC Goldman...doing the damn morning reports, awards, orders etc.  Don't remember many of the names of the guys anymore but can still picture them.  Had some great times there in Cooke Barracks and Goeppingen Gasthouses..Enjoyed the club and the slot machines too, could always rely on the slots when the funds were low, ha ha...Retired from the Army in 1988 after 26 years, 4 tours in Vietnam,, 2 in Germany and 1 in Korea.  Take care all...The Army isn't like it used to be anymore....Hooah...........

Sandra Hogan Email
04/16/11 at 10:22 PM

What city are you located? Oak Grove

What state are you located? Kentucky

Hi everyone,
My husband and I were stationed in Goeppingen Germany from 88-91 I think we actually were the last ones off the post when they closed it down. I worked for the Child Development Center on the post, my husband was Staff SGT. Hogan at that time. I forget what unit and all that but we had friends by the last  names of Lily(Tom and Diedra), Lowethroupes(Had two small boys at that time named, Justin and?) Marybeth Bellah my director and Mrs. Jones. Miss all of my friends from there and all who helped me with my two children!! check us out on facebook under Sandra Hogan, Walhalla, SC. If you remember me or some of these guys let me know would appreciate. Have a good one!!

paul lombardi Email
04/15/11 at 08:00 PM

What city are you located? mt vernon

What state are you located? ny

Was stationed at mckee barracks in crailshiem 68 to 71 co c first maintance batt. correction was at neckarslum in 68 then company moved to mckee. Would love to hear from anybody who served during that time frame .

Jim Schroeder Email
04/11/11 at 04:23 PM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Texas


I was a company clerk with the 504th Admin. Co., the headquarters company, from 1967 - 1968.  The CO was Capt. John Hamlette and the 1st SGT was Sgt. Grimes.  Loved Ma Weigle's schnitzels.  Glad to see her recipe posted.  I'm sorry about her passing.  She was a nice lady.

James M. (Mike) Goss Email
04/09/11 at 05:27 PM

What city are you located? Fairfield

What state are you located? PA

Thanks for the website and greetings to all.   I salute ya.  =0)

I was in the 404th MP Co in '61-'62.  I spent a few months in Goeppingen then went TDY to Erlangen for the rest of my 2 year tour.  Loved Germany, to say the least. 

I ETS'd, went back to CA, worked as a city cop and deputy sheriff in the Bay area and reenlisted (to see if the hippies were right about the war) in  RVN  in '67.  They were right, but I ended up becoming a "lifer" and eventually retired in '86 at Bad Toelz, GE..

Stayed in Germany and worked as DoD civilian for two years at Kelly Barracks in Stuttgart.   I was with 7th Corps PMO adn one of my duties was inspecting MP stations throughout the Corps, including Cooke Barracks.  Wow, what a feeling of nostalgia and change over the years.   I wound up serving a total of about 14 years in Germany and miss it to this day.

I returned to Germany as part of a European vacation.  My daughter was an exchange student in Romania (great country), so with wife, dau and son, saw Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

I wanted to visit Cooke Bks but time didn't allow.  =0(

James M. (Mike) Goss


04/08/11 at 05:08 AM

What city are you located? Red Bluff

What state are you located? California

Was at Cooke Barracks 2/66-10/69
A Company 144th Signal Battalion
SP5 Eddie Lyon,  Radio repairman and ran shop for the last year. Worked in the Motor pool.  Had a good friend in 126th named Albert Lee From Maryland. haven't
seen  Him in 43 yrs. Lost Contact. Would like to hear from anyone I knew when I was there.

dallas youngblood Email
04/06/11 at 07:13 PM

What city are you located? Fletcher

What state are you located? North Carolina

I was in Goeppingen from 1968-1970. I enjoyed it and had a great time. We plan on going back in the future. I was a cook then I worked on military trucks and did deliveries.

terry corbin Email
04/04/11 at 07:02 PM

What city are you located? worthing

What state are you located? south dakota

I was stationed at Cooke Barracks, 1972 1974 assigned to 1st admin co,worked in the PSD building, lived in the replacement detachment building across from the PSD building.  I enjoyed my stay in Germany, really enjoyed travel and the weekend Volksmarches.

Marty Childress Email
04/02/11 at 07:55 PM

What city are you located? Thurmond

What state are you located? NC


I was stationed at Cook Barracks from mid 1984-late 1986 (alpha co 4/16th inf)looking for old friends,Robert Tolbert,Sgt.Barry Taylor,and others.I am still in contact with Rob Heriegel,but am looking for others who I was stationed with.Like others I do miss the old Yak shack,the beer and the bratts were always great.I had a lot of fun teaching land nav. and being on the expert infantry (E I B) testing team.One person that I could not stand SFC Bettis,what a prick.Don't know how he made SFC,anyway  let me hear from all you (Alpha CO.4/16th INF Friends)

kelly pirritano watson Email
04/02/11 at 12:48 AM

What city are you located? philipsburg

What state are you located? pa


Missing all my friends from gurp...cooke barracks :( Have a great day !!!!!!!

Jeff Clark Email
04/01/11 at 05:32 PM

What city are you located? Upper Sandusky

What state are you located? Ohio


Hey I was an MP at Cooke from 1985-1987 and would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Juan Fitz Email
03/29/11 at 07:10 AM

What city are you located? Lubbock

What state are you located? Texas

This is soo cool. Still trying to find more people. My ex sister in law got in touch with me, what a great surprise. Others have gotten in touch as well.
Stationed from 73 - 75. Had a great time there still have found memories of the place. Have tried to find those with 1/26 and the dispensary. Dr. Frederick, Sgt Jumper, Nate Hill, Sgt Fleming,
dang forgot my aricept and have to increase dose to remember everyone. Fred Gunter, Childers, Winters,
Greetings to all.

03/28/11 at 10:47 AM

What city are you located? NYC (Miami now)

What state are you located? Florida



Dan Porter Email
03/27/11 at 04:55 PM

What city are you located? Naperville

What state are you located? Illinois


Was a Medic at the dispensary from July 76 to Mar 79.  First signed the book in 2001 and have been able to contact others such as Gary Bartel, Jim Pidde.  Been a long time and can't believe that thirty years have gone by since I left there.  Many good memories and yet to find another place with the camaraderie that we had there.  Anyone who remembers me feel free to contact me- Thanks for the website Dave

03/27/11 at 03:43 AM

What city are you located? NEWPORT NEWS

What state are you located? VIGINIA



Howard Joslin Email
03/26/11 at 05:42 PM

What city are you located? Vero Beach

What state are you located? Florida

Cooke Barracks 1954-57
9th Signal Company
Radio Section
Looking for old friends - Clarke (Clark) Williams, Lt Cheary and others.

Steve St.Martin Email
03/26/11 at 02:09 AM

What city are you located? Stafford

What state are you located? Virginia

I stumbled upon the site by chance, following some threads for the 4th Armored Division.  I have some wonderful memories of Cooke Barracks & Goeppingen, and surrounding area, spent as a brat from 1963 to 1965.  I was 8 years when we arrived.  Some of the pictures in Album number 6 really brought back memories, many were taken during around the same time.  I can remember hiking the perimeter fence-line surrounding the airfield, exploring the remains of machine gun nests.  I also remember clearly the bomb craters along the creek behind the O-Club as well as the bunker.  It was a fascinating place for a kid to be able to explore and I always felt fortunate to have the experience of living overseas.  I remember Saturday afternoon movies at the Post Theater, often spent with many of the GI's. There may be an MP or two who might remember the 2 young boys, one light haired, the other dark, who would run down the sidewalk alongside the PMO/MP building leaving the main entrance and use the rail to push themselves up so they could tip the helmets off the gate guards (we we're not "bad" kids, just a bit mischievous at times).  In the winter there was sleigh riding in the orchard just outside the entrance and adjacent the Officers Housing Area (where we lived, the second building on the right).  And in the summer there were day trips to hike in the local woods and villages, or the pool in downtown Goeppingen.  Despite the trouble my friend (Paul Balliker ? spelling) and I could be, a number of MP's came to know us and become friends, their names now long forgotten.  I remember winter days of snow, wet spring days, warm summer days of sunshine, and gray fall days.  The stark reality of war and Vietnam was learned there.  A girl I knew was headed back to the states, her father had orders for Vietnam, I think he was a pilot.  Several months later we learned he had been killed.  It made many of us youngsters think of the profession our Dad's, what the purpose of an Army was, sobering even for an 8 or 9 year old.  I have never been back to Goeppingen, even though over the years I have returned to Europe many times.  In 1978 I joined the Army as well, first as a 11B & jump qualified serving with 82nd for awhile.  I applied for and was accepted to flight school in 1980 and flew UH-1H's with the 25th in Hawaii and deployed to Korea and the Philippines.  I was medically retired in 1987, the result of a parachute accident.  In any case, I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the comments, it was a great place to have been able to enjoy, and many of the things I learned there have served me well through the years.  My Dad, Capt. Clement St.Martin worked near the hangar, he was an AG officer.  He joined when he was 16 and never got caught, made it to E-7 and received a direct commission in 1960.  He passed away in Jan 2001.

Michael A. Bumpers Email
03/26/11 at 02:06 AM

What city are you located? killeen Texas

What state are you located? Texas

Hello former planet gerp soldiers I was in the 573RD S&T 1983-1986 remember i drove for the BN cdr, late LTC B. GOD BLESS and take care, that was a great place.

Reinhold D. Vogt Email
03/26/11 at 12:38 AM

What city are you located? Bad Brückenau

What state are you located? Bavaria/Germany

I was Crewchief at the 1st IDF firedepartment at Cook Barracks from 1983 to 1987. Nice to find this old location again!

jose f. polanco Email
03/22/11 at 10:06 PM

What city are you located? miami

What state are you located? florida


i was stationed there from 1984 -85  it was the best time of my life  my co. was hhc 1st idf  decon platoon  miss alot of guys i was stationed with. my address is 6292 nw 186 st #211 miami,fl 33015    786 327 3419

Quintin Thompson Email
03/22/11 at 12:37 PM

What city are you located? Huntsville

What state are you located? Alabama


I was stationed at HHC 4/16th IDF from 1985-1989. I was in the Commo plt. and was a 31C (Ratt Rig)

 If anyone out there remembers me, drop me a line.

Mighty Hawks!

Ranger Forward!

Joseph J. Rink Email
03/19/11 at 01:40 PM

What city are you located? Lansdowne

What state are you located? Pennsylvania


I was stationed at Cooke Barracks as a clerk typist from March, 1968 to May, 1969.  I worked in 504th Admin and did Army Accommodation Awards and Congressional inquiries. 

sally collins (leander) 
03/14/11 at 07:09 PM

What city are you located? richland

What state are you located? wa

1978-1980 573rd S&S Co 1st IDF 
I worked in the motorpool. 
This is a great website and I am enjoying reading all the posts. 
I was roommates with Rita Carlson (Borgos) and we are still best friends today. 

Wuttke Susanne Email
03/12/11 at 03:08 PM

What city are you located? 72813 St. Johann

What state are you located? St, Johann

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
ich brauche dringend unterstützung von Euch.
Ich bin adoptiert worden 1975. Meine leibliche Mutter Namens Brigitte Staubach geb. 1939 ist leider verstorben und ich bin auf Suche nach meinem leiblichen Vater. Es gibt inzwischen viele Geschwister von mir, einen teil durfte ich schon kennenlernen.Wer kennt Brigitte Staubach? Sie war damals bekannt in den Cooke Barracks in Göppingen.Mein Vater muß bei First-Forword devision geweswn sein.Wie ich Weiß Feldwebel , weiß es aber nicht sicher.Bitte Gebt mir Bescheid , Danke, danke

Randy Bullard Email
03/11/11 at 01:30 PM

What city are you located? St. Louis

What state are you located? MO

Hi... my name is Randy Bullard.  My father, James D. "Jan" Bullard, was stationed at Cooke Barracks from Jan 1977 to 1980.  He was a 91C medic in Delta Medical Co -- can't remember their Bn/Reg -- but I still have their metal insignia that was attached to their Class-A uniforms.   Their barracks were actually attached to the Gymnasium, right off of the old flight-line where a lot of units did their PT runs.  In addition to helping re-organize the supply and and field-hospital TO&E, he worked at the Dispensary.  You may have remembered him as the older SSgt with salt-n-pepper hair and old-schoo,l Army-issue black BCD glasses.  (lol)

 I can't remember everyone's names --- but several guys in the unit were regular fixtures in our family's household (weekends, holidays, etc).  Tony Duran, Matthew Modesitt (sp), David Wassenauer, Brown (can't remember first name; was court-martialed for 'attacking' SSgt Duran and was sent to the stockade - not sure if it was Mannheim or if they sent him to Leavenworth), a guy named Mark (just TODAY can't remember his last name; he was known to make payday loans at steep interest rates, LOL; I know I became the beneficiary of an AWESOME component stereo rig for FREE because Wassenauer gave it up as collateral... and then didn't pay!  Mark didn't need it -- and so, as an adopted 'little brother', he gave it to me), and then there was a little guy that worked at the dispensary named Armacost (sp?) who likely wouldn't have survived the Don't Ask, Don't Tell --- but back in 77-80 in a Medical Co -- they weren't asking him too many questions.  

I also remember there was a female soldier in the unit that I had a CRAZY crush on... I was 13-14 and given the fact that I was an overly-mature and precious Army Brat.. I wasn't intimidated by the fact that she was 19 and a soldier.  She spent the night recuperating from some trauma (I hesitate to guess, but I have my suspicions)  at our house off-post.  I spent the night just hanging out and talking with her (and falling in love a little).  I was situationally-aware enough to be a friendly, non-threatening voice to talk to... knowing full-well I was becoming a 'little brother'.  *drat, ha*  Only shared that because my TMI filter seems to be broken... and the memories came flooding back.  *shrug*  

ANYway, we lived off-post in a little village called Betzkenreit (halfway to Bad Boll from Goppingen, just beyond Jebenhausen)... and then we lived in the Enlisted Housing Project, off-post, just up the hill the main gate.  I spent the last few weeks of the 6th grade, all of the 7th and 8th grade there at Goppingen Elementary... and then I attended Stuttgart American HS until the Christmas break of 1979.  My dad DROS'ed to Fort Sam Houston in SATX in January of 1980.   It was a LOT of fun and I have SO many memories from Cooke Barracks, Goppingen and the outlying area.   For any of you that knew my father, Dad passed away in April of 2009 from complications of COPD. 

03/07/11 at 10:06 PM

What city are you located? DETROIT

What state are you located? MICHIGAN


tom ( pike ) mathis Email
03/06/11 at 07:02 PM

What city are you located? charlotte

What state are you located? nc


best time ive ever had .still miss all my buds.was there june 71   dec.72 big red 1 1-26th csc.where are you guys?                         tom  aka  bigpike

Russell (Chris) Brons Email
03/06/11 at 05:57 PM

What city are you located? Sharpsburg

What state are you located? GA

D Co/1st Medical Bn, 1st IDF; 1981 - 1983.

Wow, this was a blast from the past!

Favorite past times included working on my Degree at the "Bier Akadamie" the walking to that little Gyro stand (trailer) and having some gyros on brotchen - yummy!

03/06/11 at 02:04 AM

What city are you located? corpus christi

What state are you located? texas

JUNE 1989-JUNE1991

Hernan Martinez Email
03/05/11 at 02:41 PM

What city are you located? Pearland

What state are you located? Texas

I was stationed in D Med Company 1st Infantry Division  from 1981 to 1983. We were known as the Fruits and Nuts Company.
I met some great friends and there and with them, I saw alot of the beautiful country of Germany in the field. Some of us are planning a reunion for 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, anyone interested can contact me at my email address. Our motto was 'If you are going to be one, be a Big Red One!'


Edward Docherty Email
03/03/11 at 08:44 AM

What city are you located? Orlando

What state are you located? FL


I was stationed in Goeppingen with the 9th Inf Div around 1955 in the Headquarters Co. It was not called Cooke Barracks at the time. I plan on revisiting this year for the first time for old times sake.

Garon Strong Email
03/01/11 at 06:43 AM

What city are you located? Pinehurst

What state are you located? NC


! was in the Weapons Platoon,  A Company 1/26th from 12/78 to 05/81 when I returned to Bragg. Went to French Commando School in 1980, I made it into some of the pics posted on the site.   Met a lot of great people in Germany, got to travel a bit. Spent a lot of time in the Rod and Gun club both at Goerp and Stuttgart. I remember SSG Noriega, SGT Hanley, Sgt Gould,  SSG Ford, 1SGT Rundel and Mayo, SFC "bust a grape" Johnson, Cpt Nunley, and last but not least SGT "Marty" Kimbrel from the 573rd, my running buddy. She and I closed down a lot of discos.... 
I retired close to Bragg in 1994 and went back to school, I miss some of the old days. Life was so simple then...
If any of you remember me drop me a line. 

Luis R. Roman 
02/28/11 at 04:27 PM

What city are you located? Columbus

What state are you located? Georgia

Hello all. I was station in Cooke Barracks from Dec 1976 to mid summer 1977. I was a communication center operator for HHC 1st IDF. I can recall my Chief was SPC J.C. Austin from Florida and Pedro Carreras from Puerto Rico. I had a bunch of friends in the 1/26th. I went a couple of time to Verdun France with the Honor Color Guard. If anyone knows how to obtain any pictures from this activity, please contact me, so I can show it to my kids. If any one also knows J.C. Austin and Pedro Carreras please contact me with any information to be able to contact them.
Great Time in "Goerp" Hoooah!

John Richter Email
02/24/11 at 12:35 PM

What city are you located? Hebron

What state are you located? Ky


1977 - 1978  I served with HHC 1st IDF and also with 573rd Supply.  This is a fantastic website.  Thank you David for creating it.

Paul Marinelli Email
02/23/11 at 07:40 PM

What city are you located? Barnegat

What state are you located? New Jersey


 I served Echo Company 4/16 Infantry Battalion from !988 to 1990. Any Echo Co. soldiers please contact me via e-mail.

Barry S. Baumeister 
02/19/11 at 03:49 PM

What city are you located? Crown Point

What state are you located? Indiana


I was stationed at Cooke Barracks between 1964 and 1965.  I lived off post running the Bachelor Officers Quarters just down the street from the Officers club.  I enjoyed my job assignment there as I made friends with all the Officers who were permanent residents as they treated me as an equal and with respect.  I wish I could have stayed there after my tour was up and rotated back to the States.  That experience was the best time of my life and I will never forget it.

Carlos Monge Email
02/17/11 at 07:31 PM

What city are you located? Chicago

What state are you located? Illinois


I served in the 4th Armored Division Finance Office from July 1964 to January 1967. Is anyone from that time out there?

Dennis (Spanky) Godwin Email
02/17/11 at 01:05 AM

What city are you located? Suffolk

What state are you located? Virginia

Happy New Year to all Of the Plant Gerp and the Barracks of Cooke .WHUZ UP !!!!!!!!!! Well I can tell you now if you knew or have known anyone from Gerp then you knew some might fine people.I was there from Dec.81 to June 83 worked in the CIF with SFC Duncan SP4 Highsmith hell 30 years sometimes I forget who I am.I hung around with Owens allot an Barney and the rest of the red necks loved the clubs on an off post how about the life club Jake.

There is one thing I want forget an that is the little YAK Shack outside post pom fritz and a pint of Yak meal fit for a king or a broke ass GI oh hell cant forget the worst.Well Trueblood (1st Sgt 573rd S&S) You wanted me out well brother I got out June of 99 SFC Ret.thanks for the motivation but I still want to bust one in you see you at the range.

Jim Clark Email
02/15/11 at 06:44 PM

What city are you located? Manhattan

What state are you located? Kansas


At Cooke Bks from Oct. 1956 to Dec. 1957. I was with the 8th MP's. Retired from US Army in 1976. anyone out there from this time frame 

Bruce Anders Email
02/15/11 at 12:55 AM

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? TX

I served in the Big Red One at Cooke barracks from 89 to 91 looking for Fitzmaurice, Lowthorpe, Worrell or any of the people that served there with me. If you remember me shoot me an e-mail.

Robert H Bengsch Email
02/10/11 at 11:42 PM

What city are you located? Montello

What state are you located? Wisconsin


I Was in the 573rd Supply and Service Company. From 1980 to 1981.Would like to hear from any of the gang from the best damn supply and service company in germny.

Jeff Miller Email
02/09/11 at 10:51 PM

What city are you located? Newport Beach

What state are you located? California

I was at Cooke with the 1/26th Infantry working in Battalion S-3 for LTC George Joulwan in 1975/76 - Good times!

Thomas (Tomm) Auston Email
02/09/11 at 10:15 PM

What city are you located? Belton

What state are you located? TX


Was stationed there 88-92. HHC 299th Spt Bn. Mechanic on the contact team. Had one Hell of a time there and will always remember those times with a smile on my face!!

Kevin Lynch Email
02/06/11 at 10:00 PM

What city are you located? Newton

What state are you located? New Hampshire

Just discovered this site. I served in A 1/26th from March 81 to early 83.After the cohort unit took over Alpha went to Bravo 4/16 till Aug.83 and ETS's out. Hope to hear from the guys I served with.I can only remember Sgt.Becker,1Sgt Mayo,Martinez,Smith, right now off the top of my head.But will look at some of my photos and try to remember more.

Bill Mauser Email
02/05/11 at 05:56 PM

What city are you located? San Diego

What state are you located? California


Just wanted to say that I was stationed at Cooke Barracks for a couple of years and I had a great time there.

Mike Hyatt Email
02/05/11 at 01:25 AM

What city are you located? Elk Grove

What state are you located? California

I was a dependent two years 53 - 55 attending part of first grade, second grade and part of third grade at Camp Cook. My father MSG Lloyd O. Hyatt, was a referee at football games and was associated with the NCO club. My father attended NCO academy while we were there. We also had a German girl from Berlin stay with us for a Summer. I have newspaper clippings and pictures.
I remember quarters with maids quarters in the middle of the fourth floor and rec rooms on each end of the fourth floor. We played in the creek and found spent shells. I have a couple of pictures. I remember the movies on Saturday morning and a sledding hill out front.
We came from Camp Breckenridge and went to Ft. Carson after Cook. I would be interesting to share memories and pictures.

Miles Schmidt Email
02/05/11 at 12:57 AM

What city are you located? Columbus

What state are you located? Ohio

How cool this is! I was stationed with A-1/26. The last and I mean last Gator before that  damn cohort company from Riley came over and broke us up. I roomed with Malvasio, Moose, Dave Woodhouse, and Todd Riley. That was the best time of my life. Jeff Underwood was another great friend of mine. We were the first GI's to frequent the Crocadile club. My favorite hang out was the Taverne, and I drank many a shot of tequila there. I was there Spring 82 to fall 83. And I got to give a shout out to Doc Creasy as he used to piss in the cup for me at piss test time. Oh yea, hey to Mayo, and Lazzell.. we all went to Amsterdam together and all got pulled off the train by German customs and got strip search. We all missed our train home and when we got back the batallion was on alert and we were all AWOL. It was my smooth talking to Top that got us out of artical 15's. Your welcome boys. Alpha Gators remember this....

I am a rook in the devils chess game.
Death and destuction are routine to my eyes.
The stench of my enemy's decaying flesh reeks over the battlefield.
For the thundering lizzard has defeated my foe.
Beware the thundering lizzard!

A-CO 1/26 Infantry

Lloyd Miller Email
01/28/11 at 04:04 AM

What city are you located? Johnston

What state are you located? Iowa

4th Armered Div. HHQ

67-68  Anybody out there? 

Bob HimmerEmail
01/25/11 at 07:43 PM

What city are you located? Kerrville

What state are you located? Texas



I was in the CI section of the 504th MI Detachment from January 1964 to April 1966.  Initially I was stationed in the Nuernberg area (office at Johnson Barracks, BOQ at Pinder Barracks, Zirndorf), then in April 1964 off to language school at Oberammergau.  In August, I came to Cooke Barracks for the rest of my tour.  My wife Sally and I lived in the HindenburgerStrasse, on the border between Goeppingen and Faurndau, in an apartment we rented from the wonderful Weickerts (Helma is still alive and well, but alas Hans-Guenther is no more). 

Our first child, Cindy, was born in Stuttgart-Bad Canstatt hospital in April 1965.  We returned to Goeppingen in 1980 only to find our old residence with some difficulty, the road system having changed greatly, to include the replacement of the very steep HindenburgerStrasse with a walkway for civilians.

In town we often enjoyed the movies at the Kino and the grilled bratwurst on fresh brotchen mit Senf every Saturday at the street market was consistently among the best meals I’ve ever had.  On a trip to town from Nuernberg, we once stayed at the old Hotel Apostel in a room with a huge featherbed (so high we needed a step stool to climb up into it) and down comforter.  It was not too far from the Bahnhof and right across the street was a wonderful bakery, where we got fresh pastries every morning.  And speaking of food, we dined very well at Grafenwoehr on the meats, bread, beer and wine I was honored to fetch from the excellent little Konsum in Markt Erlbach.

Thinking of Graf reminds me of one little story.  In early 1965, I think, division HQ got the bright idea of testing “light security” at night, which entailed no lights in tents or on vehicles.  The MPs protested against this as did we, thinking it needless and dangerous, but to no avail.  But minutes after the “exercise” began it was halted when someone drove a headlightless deuce and a half into the CG’s darkened mess tent.  Fortunately only someone’s pride was hurt.

The 504th MI was located in a 1.5 story building not far up the road that bore up a slight hill to the left after one entered the main gate of Cooke Barracks.  A dirt parking lot was on the left side of the road and our building on the right side.  To its right (northeast?)  was a similar building which housed the AMEX office and facilities for recreation and various educational classes.  I don’t recall there being anything past us on the road. I’ve found on Youtube some “drive through” videos of  the Cooke Barracks ground, made by Lumberjack since the Barracks was largely removed, which show glimpses of this area if one knows where to look. 

Recently another veteran of the 504th CI section, Bob Smalley, contacted me.  It was a joy to hear from him and we talked for ¾ hour or so.  We agreed that with perhaps a rare exception (not mentioned here) all the people we worked with had our affection and genuine respect.  It was a fine unit.  The unit COs during my time were Major Fred Lowry (transferred to 66th INTC Group), then LtCol Alexander Erdman (a particularly experienced and outstanding officer), and finally Capt Fadlo Massabni. In the CI section, we had the great pleasure of working for and with Ted Maggelet, Larry Royer, Doug High, Emmett Hitzges, Ron Garvin, Frank Motz Drew and  Raymond Roecker (deceased 1996).  In the OB section, located in the division HQ building, Lts. Matt Egan and Jack Brunson were good fellows, and their enlisted staff (a mortician’s jokester son Digger O’Dell and the little Frenchman whose name I forget) livened up the few dull moments.  Unit XO Lt. John Irby Mitchell, whose tour coincided closely with mine, was an ace of a fellow.  Elsewhere, Paul Weiss, Jake Bates and Riley Alexander in Nuernberg were as good as they get, and Ken Halter in Ulm was a fine gentleman with a passion for excellent Dutch-Indonesian food.  These men all have my thanks for making my tour such a joy.

Apart from Bob Smalley, I’ve encountered only a few former 504th MIDers since Goeppingen.  In summer 1966, we met John Mitchell and Larry Royer in Baltimore, and we saw Larry again in Gettysburg about 8 years ago.  We also ran into Matt Egan in the DC area in about 1970.  But that’s about all.  I’m currently trying to establish contact with Ted Maggelet and Doug High.  I'd love to hear from other friends from the 504th!!

It has been refreshing to read so many of the Guestbook entries on this great web site. They have helped bring back many memories, but I’ll mention just three more notable ones. A 2003 Guestbook entry by Wolfgang P. May of Dallas mentioned problems with SMLM.  In about February 1964 there was an incident where a SMLM vehicle had transgressed at a "special weapons" storage site near DivArty HQ at Zirndorf.  After some shots were fired back and forth, the SMLM folks were apprehended and taken to 7th Army HQ.  Nothing further about this is known to me.

Another entry, by John W Hurley, mentioned a "tunnel survey."  In about mid 1965 the HQ team (which I then headed) of the CI section of 504th MID was directed to locate and explore "tunnels" under Cooke Barracks.  These tunnels evidently had been used during the war as a safe route for Luftwaffe personnel to get from the housing area at night to the air strip.  At the end of the war, they had been sealed.  Accordingly, nothing ever came of our explorations, which really were a waste of time.

In about very early 1966, toward the end of my stay, a soldier came in and told me and Doug High about his recent tour of the Eastern bloc, including the USSR.  He related that because of problems getting visas from Hungary for US military personnel (who made up the whole complement of the tour), the tour organizer had instructed tour participants not to list their military status but to list their former occupation on visa applications.  The result was a busload full of US military personnel in civilian clothes with false papers in Russia and other Eastern bloc countries.  And this at a time when the Soviets were being very prickly, having recently arrested some visiting US academics on espionage charges. Early the next morning, the local rep of the company which sponsored the tour walked over to our office to ask if we knew why USAREUR and the State Dept had suspended Eastern bloc tours organized by this company.  We sure did.

Goeppingen, Cooke Barracks, and the 504th MI Detachment!  What great places to have been in the middle 60s!  I would not have missed it for the world!!  And at 4 DM to the $, I could almost afford it.

van sobottka Email
01/25/11 at 07:01 PM

What city are you located? Knapp

What state are you located? Wisconsin


I am looking to buy a 4th Armored patch or crest

Nicholas Venice Email
01/24/11 at 11:33 PM

What city are you located? Michagan City

What state are you located? Indiana USA

I Was in a ARMY camp in Goppingen Germany in 1951-52 with 399th AAA BATTERY 28th Inf Div I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF THE CAMP AT THAT TIME. The people were great and the beer was wonderful I REMEMBER THE COUNTRY SIDE WAS VERY BEUITFUL

Nick Venice

Robert Seawright Email
01/20/11 at 09:29 PM

What city are you located? Fort Lee, VA

What state are you located? Virginia


Brings back a lot of memories, from 1988 to 1991.
4/16 Mess Daddy.

Christopher Heatherly Email
01/16/11 at 02:53 AM

What city are you located? Carlyle

What state are you located? IL


Wow! looked at the pictures and it brought back so many memories.  I have lost touch with most of the people I served with.  It was really great to see those faces again.

robert raymond Email
01/15/11 at 09:35 PM

What city are you located? conneaut

What state are you located? ohio

i was at 2nd general from 1968-1971

Terrence Klipp Email
01/15/11 at 11:16 AM

What city are you located? Pewaukee

What state are you located? Wisconsin

Great times in Planet Gerp! Great memories of the post. I do miss the yak shack. It's so nice to hear someone else talk about a brat with curry powder on it...:)  Stationed there from 89 to 91. Came over with the mud soldiers Delta 4/16 then Bravo 4/16 finally ended up with the closure team. Lots of great experiences

Donald E. Michaels Email
01/15/11 at 01:10 AM

What city are you located? Burlingtom

What state are you located? Iows

I speny approxiametly five years with Co "A", 144th Sig Bn, 4th AD from Fort Hood, Texas to Goeppingen, Germany having gyroscoped wit the 4th AD to Germany. It was in my opinion the best five years of my over 23years service. I go back to Goeppingen every time I return to Germany  wihic is quite often. I would apprev=ciate any contact from members of the 144th Sig
Bn aor any other uint of the 4th AD who were stationed at Cooke
Barracks. My e-mail address is

Jerry Janowitz Email
01/14/11 at 05:08 PM

What city are you located? Sudbury

What state are you located? MA

Greetings all!

 I was stationed at Cooke Barracks between 1978 and 1980.  If Mitch Austin, Bill Benke or Dave Carlson are around, would like to hear from you.  Had great times both in the field and at our favorite watering hole the "Wildwechsel" in Eislingen.  Don't miss the Friday "death runs" at all though.  Sgt Weare,  you were a good man, thanks for all the support you gave me.

Mark B. King Email
01/14/11 at 05:57 AM

What city are you located? Jesup

What state are you located? Georgia


(Repost) I was stationed in Goppingen from 1982 to 1984. I was in Alpha Company, then HHC, then Bravo Company. I have many fond memories, and then some not so fond memories. I married, and since divorced after 20 years of marriage, a girl from there. I am looking for Jeff Underwood, Monte Sheets, Sp 4 Schoby, SGT Tabor, SFC Vinyard, and the Batallion Sergeant Major Howard. Any information would be appreciated...

Roosevelt C. Williams Email
01/14/11 at 12:08 AM

What city are you located? Orlando

What state are you located? Florida

I was stationed in Cooke Barracks from January 1980 to April 1982. Looking for anyone in headquarters company or signal platoon. I meet James Bell in Bawldwin, Fl last year and he still looks the same, looking for Barry Wade, Albert Walker, Ina Dixon, Carolyn Goodman, Booker, Jewel Sullivan, Peters, Braxton, Whitmore, Baltimore, "Cuz" Williams, Miahael Gear, Jerome Lloyd, Dexter Moody, David Mcghee, Gretchen Bishop, Hill, Banks, Black, Coffe, Rodriguez, and so many more I cant remember. If anyone of you are online or facebook shoot me an e-mail let me know how your'e doing and whats going on in your life.

Richard G. Brock Email
01/13/11 at 10:00 PM

What city are you located? Winfield

What state are you located? Kansas


Stationed at the planet Gerp from 87-89 probably spent two thirds of that playing in the mud with 4/16 Inf Bravo Co Maint. If you remember the bear on the wall shoot me an email. It was a great time. 

Stephen Buckner aka (Buck) Email
01/11/11 at 06:12 PM

What city are you located? Cincinnati

What state are you located? Ohio

Stationed at cooke barracks A CO 144TH Signal BN 1964-1967

David Patton Email
01/10/11 at 04:58 AM

What city are you located? seattle

What state are you located? washington

In my original email I left out the names of a few other people that I would like to mention during my time at Cooke Barracks. I was there from 1975 through 1977. I worked at the Automated Data processing trailers near the gym. A big hello to Calvin and Lavon Johnson a nice family that lived up the hill in the housing area. They would always invite me and my roommate Larry Lee over for dinner during the holidays. That act of kindness really meant a lot to me. I'm sorry I never told them how much I appreciated their hospitality.

A big hello to Larry Neal Jude Baptiste, an E6 that worked in the office that did the road tests for issuing driving licenses to personnel and dependants. He was from Louisiana and made the best damn gumbo I ever had in his room. One of the coolest people I've ever met in my life. I hope everyone is doing well and living life to it's fullest. I don't know if we'll ever link up again in this lifetime but it's been a pleasure knowing all of you.

Daniel Fagundes Email
01/08/11 at 10:31 PM

What city are you located? Dixon

What state are you located? CA


  I served from 83-85, 4th BN , 16th Inf, B-CO, 3rd Plt, and left as a SPC4.  Our Platoon Sgt was "The Witch."  He was a prick!  A lot of the younger soldiers were afraid of him.  I remember the Yak Shack.  I had a great time overall.  I served two years, came back home, finished an AA Degree, and have worked as a correctional officer at San Quentin State Prison for the past 23 years.  I will retire in three years.  I got married late and have no kids.  I hung out with William Royal and Tony Luther primarily.  I was a great distance runner, and still run.  Marathons in country and out of country.  E-mail if you remember me. 

William Wynn Email
01/08/11 at 04:15 PM

What city are you located? Mesopotamia,,,[East of Cleveland]

What state are you located? Ohio


We're still alive ,married and kicking,Rhonda Adams and I.Served at Cooke Barracks in the 1/26 Blue Spaders in 75/76 and was in Delta Med co. 1/26 inf '76/'80.Have found Sal and Kathy,Raper and a few others,found Joe Finn in Tx , not doing so good..Would love to here and meet anyone there while we were.Joe and  Daisy,and Hoppy.Rhonda and I have three daughters and four[one on the way] grandchildren.Debbie Ferguson and Sandy,Rhonda say's Hi...All take care,wait to here from you.

Terry Fletcher Email
01/07/11 at 08:58 PM

What city are you located? Oshkosh

What state are you located? Wisconsin


     I previously signed in, but have since had to change computers and E-mail address.  This will be the current one.   504th Admin Co. Cooke Barracks, Oct 1961 to Feb 1964.  For those who have contacted me and wish to again: just add a 1 after the t.

Mike Murphy Email
01/06/11 at 02:34 PM

What city are you located? Cincinnati

What state are you located? OH


This is regarding Mama Weigle. I was w/HHC 4th Armored/504 Admin in 1969 and spent many nites and days at Mama's. My roommates and I loved her and her home. I returned as a civilian in 1982 and paid a visit. She first called me by my roomie's name - Dobson. When I corrected her, she said "ahhh, yes. The quiet one." We had a grand reunion. She and her smile will be missed.

Joe Calamia Email
01/03/11 at 03:34 AM

What city are you located? Detroit

What state are you located? Michigan

Happy New Year! Medic platoon 1985

John Horman Email
01/02/11 at 10:17 PM

What city are you located? Quincy

What state are you located? Illinois


Please send emaail if remember me

Frank Striegel Email
01/01/11 at 10:50 AM

What city are you located? Stuttgart

What state are you located? Männlich


J am looking for my father.In 1966 he was stationed in the Patch Barracks.Are there any piktures of this army unit ? His name was Darren ungar or Hungar.He belonged to the sektion which was responsible for the car repair.He had a blue Volkswagen beetle.
J have learned that he was my father.Three years ago
No J am 43 years old.J would be very grateful to You if you could give me any information about him.It was the 68th division of the US Army (Patch Barracks).
Thank you very much.
Best regards,Frank


Gary l. Immerfall Email
01/01/11 at 04:47 AM

What city are you located? Barron

What state are you located? Wisconsin


Was stationed at cooke barracks in co. c 144th.sig. batt. from jan. 1965 to aug. 1967 . It would be nice to hear from people who were there during the same time frame. I had posted before but now i have a new email address after losing all my old email addresses.

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